~ mini pelamin pertunangan ~

salam n hye all....

live from Sarawak...yup im already here...pray for me k..

just to share with all of u my DIY mini pelamin for my lovely sis' engagement...:)

congratz sis!

~ DIY Hantaran Pertunangan 22.12.12 ~

salam n hye all....

just a short update maybe coz i have lots of works to be done in a short time.
presenting my DIY Hantaran for my sis' engagement day on 22.12.12....

dari pihak kami

sirih junjung

hantaran buah

hantaran baju nikah

hantaran tuala

hantaran air tin

hantaran coklat

hantaran baju kemeja

hantaran seluar

dari pihak laki 

hantaran sirih junjung

hantaran kain batik

hantaran baju

hantaran cincin

hantaran coklat

hantaran buah

hanataran kek

~ i'm a book lover ~

salam n hye all....

how r u guys???....yarr...it'd been a while i didnt write entry here...quite busy even though it's a school holiday...im sure that all my friends spend their time and cherish the remaining holidays with their families at home...some went for vacation and some were happily being housewife for their beloved hubby....congratz newly wedsss!!!!

these r basically what i've  been doing during this school break:

1) try to complete tudung saji ordered by mum's friends...about 5 orders...
2) busy doing hantaran and preparation for my sis' engagement next week.
3) prepare paper work for Year 6 Motivation Programme which will b held on the first day of school.
4) get ready for the syllabus or HSP for English, P. Moral, P.Muzik and PSV subject....yarrr im going to teach those subjects next year...

oh well, yesterday, i went to Big Bad Wolf Books Sales at Mines with my lil bro n elder sis for two days...both of them are not into books compared to me who's a book lover...
i bought these book which costed me less than a hundred....really really worth it..:)

the first book that i managed to read was the blue one entitled 'Pregnancy questions and answers' that attracted me the most...

belum kwin lg dh buat preparation kan...
so will u marry me??

~ SAVE THE DATE (22.12.12) ~

now busy doing this...specially for my dearest sis..hope she'll like it..


~ my new life in Bintulu, Sarawak ~

salam and hye all....

it'd been a while since my last entry...quite busy in preparing all documents that should be ready before getting posted.

yarrr...i was posted to Bintulu, Sarawak.
life is hard here...but alhamdulillah i could still get in touch with the outside world. i mean line is ok here, the speed of internet connection just like in my hometown, Malacca...

it's been a week im here..alhamdulillah i could adapt with the condition and environment. what makes me strong being here is that there are many peninsular teachers here. we have about 22 teachers here. if im not mistaken, only 8 out of 22 are Sarawakian while the others are Peninsular. and for sure most of the teachers are Muslim. peviously, the headmaster is a non-muslim..based on my housmate, the non-muslim headmaster sometimes on drug. plus one of the teachers once unconsciously peed in school due to drug consumption..haish...

so, basically, here are some pictures that i managed to take on my first day here....

above me are teachers room and classrooms...this area is also used as assembly area.

this is the front view of one of the school buildings. all made of wooden and plywood. but still we have air-conditioner in teachers room and office. only the computer lab is made from concretes and tiles.  

this is the small bridge to school after crossing the river by small boat.

this is Kg.Pandan.. i could see an aircond there...

teachers are patiently waiting for the boat.

 my eyes are fed by this view while waiting for the boat.

this is the reason i couldnt wear heel.


this is the 'welcoming' gate to reach the school

the environment

one of the villagers' toilet.so the river is not clean thus cannot be used for drinking and washing.

my legs were shaking once i stepped in the boat but it lasted only for a day....they were not in the following days...

the sign board is in the bushes.so where's the school? maybe hiding in the bushes as well...

till then....:)