~ DIY home decor ~

salam readers!

im already lying on bed evn though it's only 10pm.i feel quite sleepy today due to overeating! haha..sdg berusaha menggemokkn bdn..Ya Allah,plz grant me my ideal weight.Ameen..

ok back to d topic.yar..recently,ive been busy doin DIY thingy..first, as usual d hantaran n scnd is d room makeover.if u cn still rmember my prvious prvious prviouusss post which i was so xcited to make up my room..but i just realized after syawal.sm1 said y did u do all dat? r u geet married that soon?nope..i just love anythng dat rlated to home decor specifically my room wic i spent most of my time at during nite..so,d room alrdy turned pink so it's time to decorate it..since i partly love DIY thingy to cut d cost (main reason) n my own satisfaction,ive plannd to trnsform d two picture frames in my room into white frames.thus,i just used d remaining white paint dat i used for coating earlier..so here they go!

actly d original colours were blue n red.

~ mask rider ~

salam readers!

i should be sleeping right now but i couldnt...bcoz of im wearing mask thus i need 2 wait for anthr 15min b4 enjying my dreamland.haha.

i already skipped this routine fr 2 weeks due to availablty of d mask..so,i dcided 2 grab other brand instead of d usual one..and dis is my frst tyme using d one with ear hook..reason being is dat when we place ear hook over ear,d stretch mask will be in full cntct with d skin!

owh look at d title..seems familliar huh?im not a rider but im a drver as i just have drving license..haha..it should be mask driver right?

ok it's time to remove the mask.othrwise,i wll be getting pimples tmrow..nytez...;) till then..

~ testing ~

salam n hye readers! im just testing using dis blogaway application so that i could blog on the go! since i malas nk bkak laptop i yg besaarr tu.huhu..c u then...nytezz..;)

~ my off day ~

salam n hye all...

last night, my eyes were still wide awake even though it was already 1 a.m...i guessed it was due to more than a glass of caffeine i took last evening while helping my parents to throw out unused items from our store. i got several reminder from my parents as well as my other half to sleep early since today will be working day as usual.  but i couldnt close my eyes and my fingers were very active last night as they seemed to click, click n click more webs... i fell asleep almost 2a.m i supposed.

so, after performing my Subuh prayer this morning, i told mum that i was so sleepy till i called off my plan to work today. i was afraid that my day would be affected by my dizziness. mum acted like answering 'ok' thus i headed to the room and already in bed. oh heaven!!! this is one of the reasons why i love to work at mum's workplace. i could get holidays any days i wanted to since i've been paid based on days of working. whats more, for the past few days, i told my boss that im not going to come to work for several days as i found that there's no other tasks for me to do. then, he replied me to just come everyday and added that whenever i came, i would be paid!!!.. so i just went working and helped other staff including mum, and at times, i asked mum " it's just 10a.m, what am i going to do right now?" so bored and felt that the clock was ticking to slow to reach 5 p.m.

but for these upcoming weeks, i would be busy like a busy bee as i need to complete 5S tasks. they told me that there will be second audit to ensure that all the governments' offices follow the 5S rules and  procedures. previously our department won the highest mark and was awarded 'EXCELLENT' compared to other departments in Malacca General Hospital. i hope that with the presence of my air tangan we will be getting more marks. i should take pictures of 5S thingy so that i could apply in my school soon....InsyaALLAH.

~ berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yang memikul~

salam n hye all...

berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yang memikul....

Siapa sangka dalam sekelip mata atas kehendak Allah s.w.t & ujian dariNya, isteri tercinta telah di serang asma pada Jun 2011 yang telah menyebabkan beliau mengalami kerosakan pada saraf otak.

Nama: Abil Fikri Ahmad
Bank: CIMB Bank
Account No: 0506-0040577-52-1
H/P No : 016-2634258

kepada sahabat dan rakan-rakan saya, feel free to visit this blog http://abil4fauziah.blogspot.ie and plz help them...semoga ALLAH redha dengan usaha kita...

~ 02/09/12 ~

i never thought that it would be this year,
i never thought that it would be in September,
i never thought that it would be in Syawal and
i never thought that it would be yesterday....

and actually it was.

if it is a fate, it will be remained as a fate,
do believe in Qada' and Qadar Allah.
one of my friends who already married once reminded and advised me that don't stop praying..
i believe that even though you'll be my husband someday, still, don't stop praying for our togetherness because we don't know HIS plan.
whatever it is, don't pray for ours just in this temporary life, Dunya, but till our last breath and till Jannah. InsyaAllah....

i was attracted by a quote in one of my fav books entitled 'Sebelum Aku Bernikah' by Hilal Asyraf -

"Kalau benar cinta, mestilah hendak bersama ke syurgaNya.
  Apa-apa yang membawa ke neraka,

  itu bukan cinta namanya"