~ 02/09/12 ~

i never thought that it would be this year,
i never thought that it would be in September,
i never thought that it would be in Syawal and
i never thought that it would be yesterday....

and actually it was.

if it is a fate, it will be remained as a fate,
do believe in Qada' and Qadar Allah.
one of my friends who already married once reminded and advised me that don't stop praying..
i believe that even though you'll be my husband someday, still, don't stop praying for our togetherness because we don't know HIS plan.
whatever it is, don't pray for ours just in this temporary life, Dunya, but till our last breath and till Jannah. InsyaAllah....

i was attracted by a quote in one of my fav books entitled 'Sebelum Aku Bernikah' by Hilal Asyraf -

"Kalau benar cinta, mestilah hendak bersama ke syurgaNya.
  Apa-apa yang membawa ke neraka,

  itu bukan cinta namanya"

2 Responses
  1. evagurl izma Says:

    am I missing something here?

    congrate!! Im happy for you!


  2. iedasyahidah Says:

    nope...it's not a solemnization or enggment..so u didnt miss anything la..believe me..:)

    thnx nway..:)