~ no news is good news ~

salam Ramadhan....

FYI, i've been thinking of posting an entry everyday as i  plan to go online while im working; sneaking into one of the vacant rooms there and type 'blogger.com'. but it always stopped there before i managed to key in my password and username for my blog. i dont know why. maybe facebook is the most influential social networking that always win my heart. sorry blogspot!

but today, i cant stop my overflowing craving for blogging as i've received two good news recently which both seemed not really become a surprise to me anymore. from now on, i should follow my instinct i supposed coz normally it always turned up to be a reality. first: one of my besties, an elementary schoolmate gonna be tunangan orang and what more, one of my uni besties is pregnant!  time flies too fast for me to catch as i cant believe this to happen actually. people started to get married and pregnant and building a family... i realized that hurm....im not that old okay! at least i know that im  growing old....

plus, a lot of good news for these past few days that i feel like sharing....one of them is i received a letter from IIUM last week which required me to fill in a form regarding my involvement in activities and programmes conducted by IIUM within that 2 years. i believe that only 4 of us received the letter. the letter was actually sent for nominating us including the students from other courses for the undergraduate awards for this upcoming convocation day. we r required to fill in the form and return or sent it back to the 3 departments of IIUM. Unfortunately, i failed to do so; sending it back to them. and the worse thing is that i just left it blank. do you wanna know y i didnt evn fill it up? i have reasons for it:

First, the letter was in my hand on 1 August while the due date for me to return it was 31 July 2012 (itu pun pakai pos laju, kalu x, xtau la bile smpai)
Second, i didnt get certificates for each and every activities or programmes as proof of my involvement. for instance, the debate competition which i was one of the committees but i wasnt given any cert.
Third, i realized that i failed to build a holistic character(balance in academic n non-academic) in me therefore i wasnt the right person to be awarded. and i think this is the apt and strong reason i didnt return the letter.

that's all.....

3 Responses
  1. Sumaiyyah Says:

    Alhamdulillah, congrats for being selected as a nominee! It's okay, even if you don;t get selected it's already an honour to have been chosen as a nominee isn't it? What are you doing while waiting for your posting results? Working somewhere?

  2. iedasyahidah Says:

    alhamdulillah..thanx kak...yup already grateful fr being elected as nominee..:)i've heard day u also once being a nominee and awarded rite?..congratz!!!

    im now working at my mum's office as clerk...plz pray fr our posting results cme out ASAP K..:)

  3. pinkysplash9 Says:

    at first when i read it i baru nak ckp, eh kenapa tak dapat pon surat tuh. n later i realised haha tak layak nak dapat. anyway congrats to u even though it's just a nomination. bravo girl. :)