~ #1 wanita paling bahagia: mengapa anda tidak bersyukur kepada Allah?~

salam n selamat menyambut kedatangan bulan Rejab...

"Salah satu cara yang paling mudah tetapi berkesan untuk dapat hidup tenang dan beroleh kedamaian ialah bersyukur kepada Allah" - salah satu ayat yang dipetik dari buku ' Motivasi menjadi wanita paling bahagia'.

Mengapa kita sukar sangat untuk melahirkan rasa syukur kepada Allah? Mengapa kita sering meminta kepada sesuatu yang 'lebih' iaitu yang bukan keperluan tetapi kehendak? tepuk dada tanyalah iman.

i realized that i got almost everything that i longed for all this while. but i dont know why i rarely being grateful. sebagai contoh, bila mum dah belikan set bilik tidur, bila nampak yang lebih cntik mulalah berangan nak yang lain, bila parents dh belikan kereta, nampak kereta baru keluar, mulalah terdetik rasa macam nak beli yang itu, bile ayah bagi duit sikit mulalah rasa nak mintak banyak n banyak lagi....dan itu adalah saya, seorang yang susah untuk bersyukur!

tapi, saya dah jumpa solusinya!
cara untuk melahirkan rasa syukur cara saya adalah tanya diri kita apa tujuan kita hidup kat dunia ni....

saya dah jumpa solusinya...anda bagaimana????

~siakap sweet sour, siakap 3 rasa ~

salam n selamat petang!

it'd been a while since my last post regarding culinary right? let me share about siakap sweet sour recipe...

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan untuk ikan:

- 1 ekor ikan siakap
- minyak masak untuk menggoreng
- tepung jagung untuk dilumur pada ikan

Bahan-bahan untuk kuah:

- 1 biji bawang besar (dipotong dadu)
- 1 biji bawang besar (dipotong bulat)
- 3 ulas bawang putih (diketuk)
- 10 biji cili padi (dipotong kecil-kecil)
- 1 biki tomato (dipotong dadu)
- 1 inci halia (dihiris)
- 2 sudu besar sos cili
- 2 sudu besar sos tomato
- 1 sudu besar sos tiram
- minyak untuk menumis
- garam secukup rasa
- gula secukup rasa

Cara membuatnya:

1) Ikan dibersihkan dan ditoskan.
2)Lumurkan ikan dengan tepung jagung. Lumur ke dua-dua belah bahagian ikan termasuk bahagian dalam.
3) Panaskan minyak yang banyak di dalam kuali.Pastikan minyak betul-betul panas barulah di masukkan ikan tadi.Goreng terendam ikan tersebut
4) Setelah ikan garing, angkat dan ketepikan.
5)Panaskan minyak dalam kuali yang lain.
6)Tumiskan cili padi, halia dan bawang putih.
7)Setelah bawang agak layu, masukkan sos cili, sos tomato, sos tiram dan sos ikan
8)Kacau sebentar. Masukkan bawang besar dan tomato.
9)Masukkan air sedikit
10)Tambahkan garam dan gula secukup rasa.
11)Setelah kuah agak pekat, angkat dan curahkan di atas ikan yang telah digoreng tadi.

Selamat mencuba!

~ the sweetness of being a teacher ~

salam n hye all....:)

hmm..sudah lame rasenye tak bersiaran di dapur. while waiting for ikan siakap digoreng marilah kita berblogging.yup.. im on my way to prepare ikan siakap 3 rasa. really hope that it'll turn up the real siakap 3 rasa instead of ikan siakap masak sambal!

anyway, dear, do you remember that we'd been texting about the sweet2 thingy for these past two days? it begun with the girl who's your office mate, then continued by you're all sweetness dropping some desserts at my place for me and my lil sis to break our fast yesterday? im sure you still remember that!

but, that particular thing happened last night turned me sooo crazy and you even knew it. i knew i shouldn't be like that since yesterday was our monthyversary. haha

what ever it's, i would like to tell you that i also experienced 'sweetness' with my pupils which you wouldnt have a chance to experience it unless you'll become a teacher or educator someday. do you know that almost everyday i got messages and calls from my pupils telling me how much they missed me? do you know since i have my pupils that you're not the first person wishing me on my birthday or teacher's day anymore? even though you're telling me that it's not considered as a wish since they wished me one day earlier before the special days namely birthday and teacher's day. have you noticed that some of them forcing me to come back to their school on Teacher's day as they wished to give me presents?
i already received enough 'sweetness' from my pupils!

~ hepy mother's and father's day ~

salam n hye all...

i dont care what people grumbled about mother's day celebration coz i have my own view and stand.
for me,  what we did is depended on our niat right? i read an article regarding this issue and i could conclude that there's no exact date for Mother's day as it's celebrated in different months or dates for different countries. some would celebrate in February while Malaysia's was in May.

as i said before, it depended on our Niat. for my family, we didnt exactly celebrate our mother's day on a particular date. as my lil sis and i had already bought and given a mother's day present to our mum the end of April or maybe early May. and again, we celebrated together with my big family before the Mother's day.see....we didnt really care about the exact date and the most important thing we didn't intend to celebrate that 'so called Mother' people used to talk about recently.

opps...these two were last year...

this year
chocolate indulgence
penyatuan dua hati eh...dua tangan my mum and dad

my mum was being sooo sweet that night as she told us that it's not only mother's day but father's day as well. so, she acted like a newly wed couple, cutting the cake into slices together and feeding him. 
as usual, my dad who's used to be a shy man started to malu-malu kucing plus depan menantu kan..huhu..

there's none of  pictures of gifts taken this year as my mum got several. xsempat nak amik.

remember that we are busy growing up but don't ever forget that they are growing old!
love u both, mum and dad

~Keep your eyes peeled at 0:29 for a surprise!! ~

Keep your eyes peeled at 0:29 for a surprise!! ;):

 What do you normally do when you are caught in traffic jam? Here is something new to try out!

~ i asked HIM and HE gave me~

salam n hye all...

during last week, i've been thinking of meeting up, chit chatting, doing window shopping with my old friends....yup, i missed my good old days. and i missed the old me....

a BIG but here.i know most of my friends are busy with works since most of them already started working, or maybe busy preparing for their marriage as the school holiday is just around the corner. i mean not the ones who are teachers but usually most of wedding receptions will be done during school holidays right?
and these are the reasons why i called off my plan. i didnt even contact or give a ring to any of them except a friend who i messaged her through Fb. 

but Allah heard my wish and my good intention as last Saturday on my way home after fetched up my sis from her PTD exam, i bumped into a primary school's friend of mine. she was my deskmate when we were in standard 6. she is now a nurse in one of the hospitals in KL...time flies so fast!

today, again, i bumped into one of my former classmates of class 505, 7years ago!  i went to Malacca General Hospital  for a medical appointment and i couldnt believe that my friend was there too as she's doing her clinical years for a year . and we had a looong talk and share about each other's progress. and my lil sis had an interview session with her as she's also going to be a medical student soon. InsyaAllah...

thanks God coz grant my wish!
 i asked HIM and HE gave me as always...i should be grateful for what Allah has granted me...! 

~ Malacca Night Zoo, Zoology Museum ~

sala n hye all!!!

i should be downloading several KISSM's questions right now but as usual, i ended up here....btw, i already cashed out my nuffnang cheque today and i was motivated to blog more....being a jobless person like me surely always craving for money right?....:)

oh ya...im gonna share about my experience went for a Night Zoo last Saturday. actually, it wasn't my first time went to a zoo at night. i'd been there before on the first day of its' launch during the past few years. i couldnt remember the exact date.

i went there last week together with my bro, sis-in-law and the two kiddos who are her niece and nephew.

Dania with her friend, ready for a Night Zoo walk

the ticket.

Adult (13years and above): RM 10
Children : RM5

Operation hour:
8.00pm-11.30pm (only on Friday, Saturday, eve of public holiday and school holidays)

another kiddo, Danish Darwisy on train, ready for a Night zoo ride.
we were advised to take a train ride instead of night walk due to safety there.

the feeling of night zoo is different from the day zoo as some of the animals namely wild cats, tigers, leopards and other animals are active at night. 

im not sure whether it's a wild cat or baby tiger.yup, i have a bad memory.

It's called Kongkang. He asked me to bye2 the Kongkang there go the pictures.

we were about to go home as we were heading to the exit but suddenly my eyes were caught by a museum on my right and a signboard signalling an arrow to Zoology museum. i led them to the museum and was surprised by the things inside. 
there are several preserved animals together with animals' breeding process and information of surrounding animals.

these are some of the preserved animals 

this 1.3 tonne crocodile was found in Selangor and was preserved here in Malacca Zoology museum.

foetus of animals

that's all..
grab a chance to reach there!

~reminiscing the memories~

                 Finally, I already completed my 12 weeks of my practicum. Time flies too fast for me to catch as I could not believe that I had already finished my schooling. However, I always remind myself that completing or finishing my 6 years studies does not mean that it will be the end of my studies. I have to always improve myself from time to time as I realized that learning process never has an end. This is because; we learn new things everyday in life as we experience and face new situations, places and people. Learning is a never-ending process as a saying goes “The more we learn, the more we do not know”.
            On my last week in Sk. Sg. Petai, I got four invitations for farewell parties which one was an invitation from the school administration together with the teachers, and the others was from the classes that I taught. I felt so blessed for being appreciated by the school and the pupils. To my surprise, some of the classes organized my farewell party themselves without involving the teachers. I believed that they planned the party well as I could see the event went smoothly. I really impressed with their hard work and cooperation as they were working together from the beginning until the end of the event. I enjoyed the event very much as once I stepped into the class, the pupils started to burst the balloons that were hung on every corner of the class and the front door. In less than a minute, my attire already became almost all white as the balloons burst powder. It was better powder instead of flour as it smelled good right? huhu. I got a lot of gifts from the pupils and I did also give a souvenir of a cartoon cover notebooks with my sign and wishes inside to each of them.

             On Friday, after we recited our Yassin, suddenly, the Headmaster called out me and my partner for giving a speech since it was our last day in school. Even though I did not prepare and ready for giving a speech, I did not feel nervous. I was the first person who came to the stage and confidently started my speech like I was ready for it. I started my opening speech by greeting the headmaster and the senior assistant teachers and suddenly, I could feel my tears streaming down my face. I could not believe that I had burst into tears! I tried to stop them from running as I tried to shed them off but failed. Then, I passed the microphone to the teacher on duty, hurriedly went to the back of the stage area and continued crying. I felt so sad and at the same time quite ashamed of acting like that.

it'd been almost a month since i left the school but still, i got texts and calls from them.
i miss them so much that's why i posted this entry

 NeverthelessI had been gone through the hectic yet enjoyable 12 weeks of practicum. Since the first week, I had learnt a lot of new things in teaching. To illustrate, I had learnt on how different teaching and learning style, meaningful and suitable teaching aids that could affect pupils’ learning, different teaching style and aids should suit with different level of pupils, how to handle pupils’ behaviour in class during individual or group work, how to approach the pupils with special needs and many more. I hope that I could apply the knowledge and experiences that I had gained throughout my practicum to my teaching years soon.

till then..:)

~in tears~

u know what, i easily burst into tears when i watched people's solemnization....be it an artists', close friends' or relatives...i dnt know why but i just do....

sayang, adat yang menyusahkan kita kan?  - _ -'

~Switched, Torn, Ascend~

salam n hye al!!!

i'm back....nothing much i'd done lately....im currently home doing chores in order to practise being a housewife in future.
nope, im jobless now and  patiently waiting for being posted. fullstop.

oh ya im going to be alone at home for a week since my dear lil sis was away from home to watch a hockey tournament as her former school being the organizer for that event. oh btw, congratz lil sis for getting CGPA 4 flat..im really really really proud of having you in our family.

nyway, i just finished reading 'Switched' , one of the  books in Trylle Trilogy written by Amanda Hocking...
i love the book damn much as it had me so engaged that i could not put it down. i kept the pages turning you know! plus, the book cover is very attractive to me which lead me to pick one and have a look at its synopsis.

look at the book cover...i bought this first book of Trylle Trilogy but it comes in various versions that have different covers..
that is,

i longed for Torn and Ascend

here is the synopsis of 'Switched':

When Wendy Everly was six years old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn't until eleven years later that Wendy discovers her mother might have been right.

With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed - a world both beautiful and frightening, and Wendy's not sure she wants to be a part of it. 

she's a changeling - a baby that is believed to have been secretly exchanged for another baby by fairies..
she's not a human. when she was born, she had been exchanged and being placed with a family of human just to experience the best childhood which only human could offer....when she's getting older, she had to come back to her real families who were actually not humans instead, trolls.....

go get and buy this Trylle Series....u'll enjoy reading it...believe me...:)