~ Malacca Night Zoo, Zoology Museum ~

sala n hye all!!!

i should be downloading several KISSM's questions right now but as usual, i ended up here....btw, i already cashed out my nuffnang cheque today and i was motivated to blog more....being a jobless person like me surely always craving for money right?....:)

oh ya...im gonna share about my experience went for a Night Zoo last Saturday. actually, it wasn't my first time went to a zoo at night. i'd been there before on the first day of its' launch during the past few years. i couldnt remember the exact date.

i went there last week together with my bro, sis-in-law and the two kiddos who are her niece and nephew.

Dania with her friend, ready for a Night Zoo walk

the ticket.

Adult (13years and above): RM 10
Children : RM5

Operation hour:
8.00pm-11.30pm (only on Friday, Saturday, eve of public holiday and school holidays)

another kiddo, Danish Darwisy on train, ready for a Night zoo ride.
we were advised to take a train ride instead of night walk due to safety there.

the feeling of night zoo is different from the day zoo as some of the animals namely wild cats, tigers, leopards and other animals are active at night. 

im not sure whether it's a wild cat or baby tiger.yup, i have a bad memory.

It's called Kongkang. He asked me to bye2 the Kongkang there go the pictures.

we were about to go home as we were heading to the exit but suddenly my eyes were caught by a museum on my right and a signboard signalling an arrow to Zoology museum. i led them to the museum and was surprised by the things inside. 
there are several preserved animals together with animals' breeding process and information of surrounding animals.

these are some of the preserved animals 

this 1.3 tonne crocodile was found in Selangor and was preserved here in Malacca Zoology museum.

foetus of animals

that's all..
grab a chance to reach there!

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