~ hepy mother's and father's day ~

salam n hye all...

i dont care what people grumbled about mother's day celebration coz i have my own view and stand.
for me,  what we did is depended on our niat right? i read an article regarding this issue and i could conclude that there's no exact date for Mother's day as it's celebrated in different months or dates for different countries. some would celebrate in February while Malaysia's was in May.

as i said before, it depended on our Niat. for my family, we didnt exactly celebrate our mother's day on a particular date. as my lil sis and i had already bought and given a mother's day present to our mum the end of April or maybe early May. and again, we celebrated together with my big family before the Mother's day.see....we didnt really care about the exact date and the most important thing we didn't intend to celebrate that 'so called Mother' people used to talk about recently.

opps...these two were last year...

this year
chocolate indulgence
penyatuan dua hati eh...dua tangan my mum and dad

my mum was being sooo sweet that night as she told us that it's not only mother's day but father's day as well. so, she acted like a newly wed couple, cutting the cake into slices together and feeding him. 
as usual, my dad who's used to be a shy man started to malu-malu kucing plus depan menantu kan..huhu..

there's none of  pictures of gifts taken this year as my mum got several. xsempat nak amik.

remember that we are busy growing up but don't ever forget that they are growing old!
love u both, mum and dad

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