~time is running out~

salam 1 december n morning all...:)

hurm...recently, i always have something in mind to be poured down here but whenever i went online, there's like an obstruction that leading me not to do so. most people rarely write because of they dont know what and how to write but in my case, i have something to share, to talk about but the mood swings specifically the mood to write is always failed to be at its constant mode.so, blame the mood. ..:)

or maybe, the time constraint answers it well....like Hanis Zalikha wrote on her blog, she's so busy as one of her siblings is getting married. the same goes for me...its like im the one who are getting married. Things went from bad to worse when my sistersss couldnt be home early as the younger one just started her second sem while the older is busy preparing for thesis presentation for her master degree. thank God, it's now school holiday.i have my younger bro to lend me a hand.

since it's our first time, not only ours but first time for the Ibrahim clan which is dad's side, so we should think and prepare for most of things solely by ourselves...in fact, we learnt from experiences right? so, we are learning everyday. i couldnt wait for the event as i believed i would feel a huge surge of relief when it has ended. and would be feeling being rewarded when it run smoothly. Hopefully..:)

Do pray for ours and if anything happens in days to come, i still believe in Allah's fate. may Allah eases our way..:)

~we plan and pray but HE is still the one who decides~

salam and morning all...

i cant believe that im writing this morning entry.i rarely write after Subuh as i always equip the time with reading booksss....lots of book need to be read and for sure it is an extensive reading thus i enjoy doing it. instead, intensive reading will be only done when the exam is just around the corner.maybe no more intensive reading after this for no more examssss.....:)

while reading a book after performing my Subuh prayer, my heart told me that it craved for writing but my hand told me not to....i continued reading and i couldnt refrain myself not to follow my heart thus i ended up here..when im in the mood of writing, i would write excessively but i know people wouldnt read long entry unless it is informative and interesting. im not meant to be a writer therefore im lacking in that. i tried to produce one. InsyaAllah...

since the school holiday just started, trail of wedding cards from friends received and already put in my drawer or else they will be scattered everywhere. sadly, i think i cant attend all....or maybe i attend none. it's not because i didnt have the heart to go but it's all about the miles that matter. sorry in advance, friends.

hari berganti hari, bulan berganti bulan, tahun berganti tahun, dekad berganti dekad, abad berganti abad, penyatuan demi penyatuan dua hati diijabkabulkan....tidak lupa juga perpisahan demi perpisahan yang dilalui oleh segelintir kawan-kawan di saat orang lain memberi kad kawen masing-masing.....cerita demi cerita yang berpeluang untuk saya ikuti menjadikan saya takut, risau, curious apakah pengalaman yang dilalui saya sendiri berakhir dengan sad or happy ending? it's like a fairytale and for sure we opted for the second right? we never knw but HE knows well. we do plan and pray but HE is the one who decides. that's one of the compulsory words or sentences that i will utter whenever my friends shared her hard time.

kepada kawan2, jangan takut akan perpisahan, jangan menangisi perpisahan....
because everything happened for a reason......seperti yang pernah post di entry yang lalu

“Ya Allah…Engkau yang Maha tahu segalanya.

bila kehadiranku,menganggu hatinya,tidak membawa kebaikan padanya,maka kau pisahkanlah kami biarpun kami terluka
bila aku tak layak dan bukan yang terbaik untuknya maka kau jauhkanlah aku darinya
bila bukan aku yang tertulis untuk melengkapkan separuh dari agamanya,maka jarakkan kami agar tidak timbul rasa yang mengundang kecewa
bila aku bukan yang terbaik,bila aku bukan yang tercatat dalam takdir,dan bila dia berhak kepada yang lebih baik,maka jarakkan kami, pisahkan kami

jangan menangisi perpisahan,kelak DIA akan gantikan,dengan seseorang yang telah tercatat,dengan seseorang yang terbaik untuk dunia dan akhirat kamu.” 

and remember this.....


~aku terima nikahnya~

salam and hye all...

it'd been several weeks since my last post....im currently on my 1 month holiday and there's no reason for me not to write excessively....but, please bear in mind, im very busy preparing....hmm...like what i've told you before...do recall...hehe...

first of all, since i just finished my final exam, im gonna talk lil bit about it....yup i know by right, i shouldn't mention it here and like people say let bygones be bygones. but give me room to reflect upon it for maybe this is my last piece of writing regarding the exam as this final exam actually indicates the end of my study for degree. 6 years only for a degree, such a loo00o0ng  time guys...however, im very very very grateful that i've made it...Alhamdulillah....semoga ilmu yang sedikit ini dapat digunakan dan diamalkan dalam mendidik anak bangsa...kawan saya pernah berpesan, walaupun kita sibuk mengejar degree, master, PHD dan sebagainya, jangan lupa kita menuntut ilmu akhirat seperti ilmu tajwid, fiqh, dll....and i know im lacking in those...insyaAllah, i'll improve myself as the time goes...

hmm...about the exam, frankly speaking, i found that this final exam was the worst exam i've ever had. i realized that since it was my last, i should perform well but i know Allah knows what the best for HIS servant. i've put a lot of effort into the exam but i couldnt answer the papers well....
whatever it is, more important to me is barakah or keberkatan sebelum, semasa dan selepas exam. okay, enough for that..

i started my holiday by reading these books....it is advisable to read both books especially for those who are getting married just soon. me?excluded...:)
but i really love to read books in which the content revolves around relationship...yup i do...everyone involves in relationship right? it might be among family members, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends etc...
lets talk about the first book, MEN are from MARS, WOMEN are from VENUS...it is highly recommended as it discusses on how to deal with the opposite sex since men and women have their own unique characteristics that makes them differ from each other. Could men and women complement each other well? how? this book somehow helpful...
the writer, John Gray pictured man and woman as two different people who come from different planets namely MARS and VENUS...there comes the title, MEN are from MARS, WOMEN from VENUS...how do they compatible to each other? through marriage, they will be living together not only on the same planet which is the EARTH but, under the same roof!!!

the part that i remember well is that it is stated that men will go to their 'cave' when they have their hard time. they want to be alone in order to calm themselves down and think of the solution. so, women dont try to intrude into the 'cave' or else, you will get hurt...thus, you need to leave them alone and just wait for their return after spending time in their 'cave'.

how bout the second book? by looking at the title, you can guess what's inside right? it's about marriage life, how to maintain it....penulis melihat perkahwinan sebagai medan untuk memberi, dan dengan itu, kita akan memikirkan soal PERANAN dan bukannya HAK yang tak berkesudahan.

what more, it's like a cliche when most people said that they wished to get married because they wanted to prevent themselves from committing zina or menghalalkan apa yang haram but based on the writer, we shoudnt think that way for it's actually more than that.....

"tidakkah mereka sedar cabaran tanggungjawab selepas berkahwin adalah lebih besar dan sulit daripada sekadar cabaran menolak zina?"

do read those books for they are complement to each other. even the writer of 'Aku terima Nikahnya' said so. He suggested to read 'MEN are from MARS, WOMEN are from VENUS" as there are topics discussed by him which related to the book....enjoy reading..:)

~peace and calm~

salam n hye all...

happy wednesday all!!...mood sangat okay since petang semalam till this morning..hope this current mood can be lasting for the next remaining hours before going back to the hostel....hostel? yup, im currently at home and that explains my happy feeling and good mood. tgkla ptg nanti balik hostel terus tak happy...kalau hostel macam UIA xpela....ada meja besar dan panjang yang amat selesa untuk study....room yang sangat privacy in which we can do whatever we want. we can switch on the light without having to feel afraid of distracting people who were sleeping soundly. you can tear your oreo packaging, sing your fav song loudly and maybe dance in your own room without worried of people eyeing on you. since the room is quite far from the corridor, you wont be awakened by the cleaner's voice shouting at their friends as well as wont be distracted by them dragging the garbage and the dustbins. yup, im easily awakened by sounds especially people's phone alarm unless im very very very tired.

and now im home...there's no need for me to worry about all these...there's only me and my younger sis as she's on her sem break and we share the same attributes. we are morning person. we woke up at almost the same time for performing our Subuh prayer. so there's no such thing of distracting one another. then, she loves to read books in the morning so there's no problem for me to switch on the light while doing revision.

what more, like last night, when i felt a lil bit tense of revising, i sat right in front of the TV and enjoyed my fav drama and other TV programme especially programmes that provide ample hilarious jokes which made me at least carving a smile while making overflowing notes. Johan (raja lawak) is my fav joker. never failed to make me laughing in every 2 minutes i guess. sometimes, by just looking at his face can make me smile without having him to utter a single word...last night, he was in Serasi Bersama...:)

i think that's enough for today....jom study...before study bersihkan diri dulu dengan solat taubat, banyakkan  zikrullah dan membaca Al-quran untuk buang titik-titik hitam di hati supaya senang untuk menimba ilmu...(a reminder to myself too)...till then~