~time is running out~

salam 1 december n morning all...:)

hurm...recently, i always have something in mind to be poured down here but whenever i went online, there's like an obstruction that leading me not to do so. most people rarely write because of they dont know what and how to write but in my case, i have something to share, to talk about but the mood swings specifically the mood to write is always failed to be at its constant mode.so, blame the mood. ..:)

or maybe, the time constraint answers it well....like Hanis Zalikha wrote on her blog, she's so busy as one of her siblings is getting married. the same goes for me...its like im the one who are getting married. Things went from bad to worse when my sistersss couldnt be home early as the younger one just started her second sem while the older is busy preparing for thesis presentation for her master degree. thank God, it's now school holiday.i have my younger bro to lend me a hand.

since it's our first time, not only ours but first time for the Ibrahim clan which is dad's side, so we should think and prepare for most of things solely by ourselves...in fact, we learnt from experiences right? so, we are learning everyday. i couldnt wait for the event as i believed i would feel a huge surge of relief when it has ended. and would be feeling being rewarded when it run smoothly. Hopefully..:)

Do pray for ours and if anything happens in days to come, i still believe in Allah's fate. may Allah eases our way..:)
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