~it's complicated?~

i know u r ambivalent about deciding which is which rite? it's hard to decide whether u should go for it or put off for sometime or just call off ur plan..i acknowledged it...

if i put myself in ur shoes, i just grab d chance for im afraid of being rgretful at the end of d day..i know there r lots of things in ur mind rite...as long as our parents and even i support u, just go for it...dnt worry bout the course...Woman in Leadership or Child Development? just choose either,,but i suggest the second one coz im not really into politics..:)...however, i already have sociology and child development books thus u might have to use them..n whats more,i already learnt both as they were once my subjects during my foundation and frst year of degree...so, insyaALLAH i always be there whenever u need my help by using lil knowledge i have..but dnt expect me too much as i learnt them as only a subject not a course therefore they weren't being pofoundly taught to me...remember dat..

i proposed Child Development for the knowledge and skills u gained could be used and applied to ur own children later on...believe me...it's interesting though..but i know there r pros and cons as u should consult with another dr if u change the course rite?...for the first course, u might become a lecturer in Social Studies someday like what one of my lecturers did..who knows?.....so just further ur studies and at the same time u r contributing to inspire udin and nano to succeed as well....
i always pray for u sis....just 1 week left so think wisely...:)


my sister keeps whining about this movie these days..hurm..she's not really whining actually, im not sure what's the apt word should be described here..huhu..therefore my lil bro and i winded up to accompany her to watch this movie yesterday...i knw it's sunday which is public oliday, i do hate crowd!!
since we didnt go for movies for quite sometime and due to our world's best mum treat, we enjoyed watching the movie...:)
SHREK is one of my sister's fav movies as she'd been watching all the chapters..that's why she's really determined to go for this final chapter..
thanx to both of u for after hanging out wif u both my pain is heading to diminish and slowly fading away...luv u all..:)


now, i knw why those gurls chose dat way...gewd gurls...
ida!!dnt put any revenge!!Allah xske...yup2...baiklah...

i'll let u know and i'll ensure that u know but u cant reach my blog for sometime...and thats d problem coz u wont know what im trying to let u know....:(...pnat je create d previous post but nver mind..i wont delete it in order to ensure that u read...:)

and to abg celcom, sory coz u have to pick up my fon call early in the morning whenever i got through u...and force urself to hear my harsh voice..act xla harsh sngt coz i ngah geram n as usual if i ngah gram sore cm nk nangis mmg nk nangis pun mse tu..huhu..soryla bro..if the same thing keeps occuring, i'll change my number so i wont disturb u anymore k...u aman i pun aman...peace..:)

i dnt know why lots of things turned to be upside down and went wrong lately...:(

~i'll let u know~

i'll let u know,
i cant be the bandage for your bleeding
i cant be the ocean for your tears
i cant be the secret of your healing
i cant be the song to still your fears
for i believe u know the reason why
BUT, i dont want to put any grudge on u...

i'll let u know,
im not intended to be busy body
for i have my past to be reminisced and learned
i have abundance of my mum's advices for me to evaluate, think of, thus practise in my real life..

i'll let u know,
im not a fussy person
instead, i just being meticulous..
yup..im meticulous for again and again i deliberately bold it
for i've learnt my past...
sorry for being one..

i'll let u know,
im not stupid enough for providing a room or space for you  to make a fool of me!



cant wait to watch this movie dis july..but i've just read 70% of its book..:(

~ayam goreng halia~

due to overpowering feeling of fed up as rotating the same 5 recipes in a week, dragged me to google other recipes in order to try the new one so that i wouldn't feel bored in preparing the same dishes every week. i'd found a very very simple recipe and by using my expertise in culinary (ceh), i changed a little bit here and there...these include the substitution of some ingredients and the way it was prepared......

thus its fruit is.........................

Ayam Goreng Halia

looks like rendang rite?


own this book for almost 4 years but never able to finish reading it..so malas!!

tired of writing?..yup....only pictures for today...enjoy~~


what makes an electronic diary differs from book diary?
first, it's worldwide...

people would see things differently..
people might manipulate things based on their understanding...
they just see things tangibly and explicitly...
they wouldn't really comprehend though...


love this book damn much
 its cover is very cool, the colours are well matched and blended,
 metal love that is placed in the centre is very significant as it has story behind it
what makes this book unique is that its contents are written in the form of SMS and email type of writing in its each and every page.
im about to read this book again and again but decided to back off as there are a trail of books waiting and acting like all staring at me for them to be picked and read...

lovenote:could u still remember the metal love?

~sick of this~

i got through celcom just now in order to report and ask on why my credit was deducted RM4 every month each time i got an unwanted and unwelcomed message that need to be connected to the internet...what made me so angry and moody was i didnt open the message yet but my credit was already being deducted by the time the message received....there are so many ways to get money and be rich..!!!!plz la...
i asked him how to stop that msg and he told me to type bla..bla..n send to bla..bla..hope it works....

btw, i got back pain and my limbs are all lethargic..i feel like jogging but going alone is no fun..i need a company...:(

~chicken rice shop~

all this while i just be the observer when my sis n mum were busy preparing chicken rice for meal..but for this time round, i felt so diligent to volunteer in preparing this on my own...this was my first attempt in preparing chicken rice...im not proud to confess this but feel ashamed actually as i just willing to try it at the age 0f 22....:(

i got the recipe from the world's best mum (my mum)...
thanx for being so sporting and cute today..luv u...:)

~in red~

*18 april 2010*

kak mimi's wedding(my neighbour)
her solemnization was on 17 april 2010 which was also my bufday..we exchanged wishes one another...
i never longed for a present from you for my bufday but by attending ur wedding, witnessing you walking hand in hand down the aisle wif ur hubby was such a gift from you to me...
im happy for you both..

i adore her dais
simple but elegant and neat

more and more people chose english-style as their wedding theme till it's seen so common rite? im planning to do so act but due to this, im hoping that there are more n more upcoming attractive styles so that i'll have more choices....:)


another pair done..
for this customer, she didnt wish to use these for covering food but she intended to use it as her wall decor..that's why she asked me to prepare it in pairs...


lovenote: i ask Allah to bless all we do...:)

~a message could save them ~

I was shocked by the news informed by my bro that there was intruder who’s trying to intrude my neighbor house that was rented by 3 Community College students…they are all gurls…this was not d first intrusion case happened to them as there were also people trying to get into their house previously. One of the gurls who hardly slept last night heard the sound of motorcycles at the back of their house while another two of them were already sleeping. The sound of the intruder’s hp which signalized a message received made her realized that there was person at the door…they tried to search for my dad’s hp number but failed thus they hurriedly made a police report. The police arrived at 3.00a.m. The intruder was missing in action…


all the cottons have been sold...40 of them...alhamdulillah...
i didnt hve any stocks currently while there are demands from people all this while..
im still thinking should i go to buy another....:)


dad: semalam ayah tgk kt tv ade cikgu tu dye mngajar kat pedalaman mmg jauh dri bndar..kalu ida  dpt jauh2 cm2 cmne?..

me: hurm..nk wat cmne dh sign contract terima je la... (cool answering...coz of emotionally disturbed smlm jwb mcm tu je la...pdhal dlm hati Ya Allah tlogla...x  snggup...lg2 klu kne nek sampan g skolah dlm sungai ade buaya..takut...)

so ayah kwen kan ida mcm nie...!!! at least ida bole tnjuk sjil nikah b4 borg posting kua...

14 of May 2010
the first Teslian cohort 5 married

the dais


bold as in red and bautiful

*pictures were taken from facebook

wani, i could still remember while i was busy studying for the final exam which was only for another two days, you were busy planning and arranging ur honeymoon places....would be 4 places rite? and one of them is in Malacca....im glad to hear that...sorry for not attending ur wedding ceremony due to my mum's overflowing worries towards her not-so-independent daughter..yerla klntan jauh ma....
xpe2 t honeymoon kt mlcca singgah la umh i pas2 i join korg g honeymoon sme2...eh...

but im very sure that im not permitted to get married that early....:(

lovenote: u kumpul duit bnyk2 t bole cpat kwen...huhu..

~hormonal changes~

sorry for the fake smile..
sorry for the fake ecstatic face...

sorry for the brief, one sentence response...

sorry for potraying unwilling face when you asked me to do works...
sorry for ignoring you without uttering any words when you complimented my soup by telling dad it's tasty...

sorry for the fake jokes and laughs....

sorry for not inviting you for having dinner together that lead you to cynically admonished me..
you ended up eating alone...

i was displaying all fakes last night...
i considered myself succeed in playing my part as all of you didn't realize that i was actually in no mood at all...
even my sis who's always alert with my changes in term of mood especially couldn't detect it...
thank you for watching...

lovenote: im a girl...maybe a childish little girl not yet a women...therefore im acting like one...sory for hurting you...:(


....of May 2010
             after filling my eyes for long period of time, 
             they streamed down my face..
             it shouldn't be my bad day....
             i'll move on.....

~moment wif her~

Mum’s voice awoke me from my soundly sleep. She woke me up as she's alone that there’s nobody to talk to and share stories with. It’s of course during the weekend when she’s not going to work.

Sharing old days’ moments with her was such a wonderful time to me that made me learned lots of lesson from them. There were many things we shared that mostly on mum-to- daughter talk, girl things, life and marriage as well.

She always reminds me of the DOs and DONTs…..the SHOULD and the SHOULDNT....huhu..

If u r about to make friends wif people, u should……………………………………………….

If u r falling in love wif someone, u should n shouldn’t………………………………………………for u didn’t know whether u are really fated and meant to be together…only God knows..

If u r married ,as a women plz don’t…………………………………………………………

While listening, I have this in mind..”mum,I always be nice and x berkire ngan org for I believe d saying goes ‘what u give u get back, what goes around comes around’ …I treat people well therefore I need to be treated d same as well..but it seemd to work the other way round!!!......to illustrate, I x brkire pun in term of money, helps n also sacrifices that I served n made for people but some people didn’t put and show any concern towards all these..im not longing for being rewarded for I know all my good deeds will be repaid by Allah…that HIS promise I know..but…..be at least understanding and tolerant….
It was during weekend when I ws home…..

When I was in hostel, she would get through me whenever she felt bored or about to throw her tantrums when she felt angry or had problems wif someone….just to at least release her tension when there is person to talk to, she confessed.

Thanx mum for all ur advices together with the sharing of ur good experiences and ur hard times that u hd gone through during ur old days…

seriously, i miss d moments when we were laughing tgether and when it came to tears-drop stories, we were both crying....

The lessons i’ve learned:

I.   Don’t be TOO generous to people….
II.  Don’t be TOO nice to people…..
III. Don’t let people make a fool of u….

~epy teacher's day to me~

selamat hari guru, ida!! -mum-
epy teacher's day, dear!! -mr.love-

as usual, my mum is always be d first of everything..thanx mum..luv u always..:)...
thnx to him too~

me: hri ni teachr's day...nk adiah..hehe
udin (y.bro): eh xjd tcher pun lg...mne bole nk adiah..

i can still remember a pain memory that bit into him years ago...he asked me to teach him maths and he still cant understand it well after several times of explaining d same thing..i got fed-up and ended up scolding him till i realized that there was a trail of silver liquid streaming down his cheeks..pity on him... from then on, i was d last person he would ask questions as he scared of me getting mad at him...
reminiscing those made me felt guilty as well as reflecting myself that i shouldnt do that act...d maths problem was novel to him threfore he needed more time to really comprehend n maybe my teaching approach n ways of explaining were not suit him....despite all, i love him so much...he is d only person that i can pinch whenever i feel bored, do foolish,childish and hilarious things that make us laugh together without any grudge... :)

since today is teacher's day, i would like to share this with all of u especially my coursemates who r going to be teachers...it was taken from one of favourite books of mine, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

i’m a teacher…
i was born the frst moment that a question leaped from the mouth of a child..
i’m those whose names n faces hve long been frgotten but whose lessons n characters will awez be remmbered in d accomplshments of their students…

i hve wept fr d joy at d wedding of frmer students,
 laughed with glee at d birth of their chldren
 n stood with head bowed in grief
n cnfusion by graves dug too soon fr bodies far too young…

throughout d course of a day, i’ve been called upon 2 be an actor, friend, nurse n dctor,coach, finder of lost artcles, money lender, taxi drver, psychologist, substitute parent, salesman, politician, n a keeper of d faith…

despite d maps, charts, frmulas, verbs, stores n books,
 i’ve really nothing 2 teach, fr my students really hve only themselves to learn,
n i knw it tkes d whole world 2 tell u who u r…

im a paradox
 i speak loudest when i listen d most..
my greatest gifts r in what im wiling to appreciatively receive frm my studnts…

material wealth is not one of my goals,
but im a full-tyme treasure seeker in my quest fr new opprtunities fr my students 2 use their talents n in my constant search fr those talents that smtymes lie burned in self-defeat..

im the most frtunate of all who labor..
a doctor is allowed 2 usher life into d world in one magic moment.
im allowed 2 see dat life is reborn each day with new questions, ideas n friendships…
an architect knws dat if he builds with care, a structure may stand fr centuries…
a teacher knws dat if he builds with love n truth, what he builds will last frever..

im a warrior, daily doing battle against peer pressure, negativity, fear, comformity. prejudice, ignorance, n apathy…
but i hve great allies: Intelligence, Curiosity, Parental Support, Individuality, Creativity, Faith, Love n Laughter, all rush 2 my banner with support…

and who do i hve 2 thank fr this wnderful life im so frtunate 2 xperience, but u d public, d parents.
fr u hve done me d great honor 2 entrust 2 me ur greatest cntribution 2 eternity, ur chidren..

and so i hve a past dat rich in memories…
i hve a present dat is challenging, adventurous n fun because im allowed 2 spend my days with d fture..

im a teacher…n i thank God for it everyday…:)

p/s: i read d newspaper just now n figured out that "gaji asas guru ketiga tertinggi after doctor and engineer"..it brightens my day...but ida!!! remember dat Chicken Soup ckp material wealth is not one of teacher's goals...!!


My eyes were caught by the above FB post by kak awatif that distracted me from clicking to other people’s profiles or posts…staring and at the same time thinking profoundly made me came into conclusion that her statement is very true…while absorbing those significant words I did reflect myself…
Kak awatif, thanx God we are in d same boat!! But we r not having d same boy certainly…mind u people!!!...

Yup…he treats his mother well as he always treats her and also his whole families as his primary and me as his secondary…and I’m comfortable with it…:)
don’t tell me dat dats my boy thus dragged me to brag about him or forced myself to compliment him..dats for real ok..i’ve been friends wif some other boys but not all are family man I must say..

p/s: kak awatif is my senior and once became my buddy during orientation week 3 years ago…she’s very nice, pretty n decent..she’s already engaged and will be getting married next year I supposed..How bout me?...we r just in d same boat for above case but for this one we r not d same anymore..:(



cant wait 2 wear dis shirt..
at last..hope u cn dffrentiate between 'at last' and 'finally' coz it explains two different feelings...i have one....:)

~after 3 months~

it had been almost 3 months snce we met each other
singing this song together at a serene park was such a wonderful time spent
with only for sometimes people walking around
without having to hustle
with pleasant scenery in front of us that full of historical stories
while reminiscing those...
i realize what a tranquil place i've been...
i wonder is there another such place in this busy town..
in millions blink of eyes i found one...

dear, a big 'thank' to you for spending time n brought me there...:)

~golden eyes~

hye...now im going 2 share some products dat i used and am using in order 2 get beautiful eyes (im not telling u dat my eyes r beautiful)...huhu..
being a student, we r indisputably burdened wif workload as we ought to complete lots of assignments plus discussions,quizes, exams n so forth...staying up late at night is normal n can b considered as our routine...all these resulted in eye bags, dark circles n what not..d same goes 2 me... after staying up n smtymes didnt sleep 4 just only one night, those would start developing around my eye contour area..

all dis while i hardly find product dat suits me most as there r lots of brands out there that makes me dizzy to choose which is d best...n d most importnt is d price should be affordable and reasonable..eventhough i got allowance evry month doesnt mean dat i can freely buy anything dat i wish 2..dats not me..

hurm..actually i hardly got eye bags but dark circles r such a good company of my eyes..huh..tired of this..!!
thus, previously, i used this for my eyes..

Safi Rania Eye Contour Cream

enriched with DwiNutrix
 (a combination of Age, Defying & Whitening Nutrients)

does it work with my eyes?yup...definitely...but curently i deliberately try another brand which is Garnier..

Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On

for this one it is roll-on so u neednt have 2 massage ur eye by using ur hand..just roll it around ur eye contour n go to bed then...:)

im still using this n it seemd works wif my both beautiful eyes..huhu..
but my prob is im not using it daily as i always frget about it...since there r lots of other thngs to put on my face thus i ended up to leave this behind...lets imagine.. after using cleanser, u r definitely encourged 2 use toner rite? in order to refrain urselves from having big pores..then 'bedak sejuk'...smtymes i put on Oxy Acne-Pimple medication whenever i trace any pimples on my face...see..lots of cream to put on.!!
..the worst is i fall asleep without using any and not washing my face bfore going to bed....huh..bad habit!! but it just happened when i felt so exhausted till didnt realise that i hd fallen asleep...so,ida..u r forgiven...hehe..


wah!! seems like im really into blogging...huhu...
as sme of u already knew dat im on olidays...all dis while nothing 2 do at home...just setlle all d household chores n rest n waitng for Adamaya at 6 o'clock..huhu..

as usual, during my sem break im not going for work for sure not becoz there's no vacancy but im too choosy...hehe..n whats more im not really intersted in working actually.. im nt greedy for money n earning as i got allowance every month...just like a working women..lucky me..huhu..

BUT...im a business-minded type of person...ceh...
believe me?no?..nver mind..
lets gve me chance to prove....

during last sem semester break i ws doing these....



all above are underconstruction..huhu.

complete one..ready to be sold..RM35

smaller size-RM15

can be paired

FYI, i just did whenever there r orders or demands from ppl..so xde stock yg mmg ade kt umh..

act last 4 days ade org order but i x bwat lg...huhu..

n fr dis semester break.....

material: cotton 
design : abstract

design : batik

design: english cotton
design: english cotton

design: + gold stripes

design: + gold stripes

design: + gold stripes

design: + gold stripes

am i qualified 2 be a bussiness woman?..huhu..