~i'll let u know~

i'll let u know,
i cant be the bandage for your bleeding
i cant be the ocean for your tears
i cant be the secret of your healing
i cant be the song to still your fears
for i believe u know the reason why
BUT, i dont want to put any grudge on u...

i'll let u know,
im not intended to be busy body
for i have my past to be reminisced and learned
i have abundance of my mum's advices for me to evaluate, think of, thus practise in my real life..

i'll let u know,
im not a fussy person
instead, i just being meticulous..
yup..im meticulous for again and again i deliberately bold it
for i've learnt my past...
sorry for being one..

i'll let u know,
im not stupid enough for providing a room or space for you  to make a fool of me!
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