~it's complicated?~

i know u r ambivalent about deciding which is which rite? it's hard to decide whether u should go for it or put off for sometime or just call off ur plan..i acknowledged it...

if i put myself in ur shoes, i just grab d chance for im afraid of being rgretful at the end of d day..i know there r lots of things in ur mind rite...as long as our parents and even i support u, just go for it...dnt worry bout the course...Woman in Leadership or Child Development? just choose either,,but i suggest the second one coz im not really into politics..:)...however, i already have sociology and child development books thus u might have to use them..n whats more,i already learnt both as they were once my subjects during my foundation and frst year of degree...so, insyaALLAH i always be there whenever u need my help by using lil knowledge i have..but dnt expect me too much as i learnt them as only a subject not a course therefore they weren't being pofoundly taught to me...remember dat..

i proposed Child Development for the knowledge and skills u gained could be used and applied to ur own children later on...believe me...it's interesting though..but i know there r pros and cons as u should consult with another dr if u change the course rite?...for the first course, u might become a lecturer in Social Studies someday like what one of my lecturers did..who knows?.....so just further ur studies and at the same time u r contributing to inspire udin and nano to succeed as well....
i always pray for u sis....just 1 week left so think wisely...:)
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