~epy teacher's day to me~

selamat hari guru, ida!! -mum-
epy teacher's day, dear!! -mr.love-

as usual, my mum is always be d first of everything..thanx mum..luv u always..:)...
thnx to him too~

me: hri ni teachr's day...nk adiah..hehe
udin (y.bro): eh xjd tcher pun lg...mne bole nk adiah..

i can still remember a pain memory that bit into him years ago...he asked me to teach him maths and he still cant understand it well after several times of explaining d same thing..i got fed-up and ended up scolding him till i realized that there was a trail of silver liquid streaming down his cheeks..pity on him... from then on, i was d last person he would ask questions as he scared of me getting mad at him...
reminiscing those made me felt guilty as well as reflecting myself that i shouldnt do that act...d maths problem was novel to him threfore he needed more time to really comprehend n maybe my teaching approach n ways of explaining were not suit him....despite all, i love him so much...he is d only person that i can pinch whenever i feel bored, do foolish,childish and hilarious things that make us laugh together without any grudge... :)

since today is teacher's day, i would like to share this with all of u especially my coursemates who r going to be teachers...it was taken from one of favourite books of mine, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

i’m a teacher…
i was born the frst moment that a question leaped from the mouth of a child..
i’m those whose names n faces hve long been frgotten but whose lessons n characters will awez be remmbered in d accomplshments of their students…

i hve wept fr d joy at d wedding of frmer students,
 laughed with glee at d birth of their chldren
 n stood with head bowed in grief
n cnfusion by graves dug too soon fr bodies far too young…

throughout d course of a day, i’ve been called upon 2 be an actor, friend, nurse n dctor,coach, finder of lost artcles, money lender, taxi drver, psychologist, substitute parent, salesman, politician, n a keeper of d faith…

despite d maps, charts, frmulas, verbs, stores n books,
 i’ve really nothing 2 teach, fr my students really hve only themselves to learn,
n i knw it tkes d whole world 2 tell u who u r…

im a paradox
 i speak loudest when i listen d most..
my greatest gifts r in what im wiling to appreciatively receive frm my studnts…

material wealth is not one of my goals,
but im a full-tyme treasure seeker in my quest fr new opprtunities fr my students 2 use their talents n in my constant search fr those talents that smtymes lie burned in self-defeat..

im the most frtunate of all who labor..
a doctor is allowed 2 usher life into d world in one magic moment.
im allowed 2 see dat life is reborn each day with new questions, ideas n friendships…
an architect knws dat if he builds with care, a structure may stand fr centuries…
a teacher knws dat if he builds with love n truth, what he builds will last frever..

im a warrior, daily doing battle against peer pressure, negativity, fear, comformity. prejudice, ignorance, n apathy…
but i hve great allies: Intelligence, Curiosity, Parental Support, Individuality, Creativity, Faith, Love n Laughter, all rush 2 my banner with support…

and who do i hve 2 thank fr this wnderful life im so frtunate 2 xperience, but u d public, d parents.
fr u hve done me d great honor 2 entrust 2 me ur greatest cntribution 2 eternity, ur chidren..

and so i hve a past dat rich in memories…
i hve a present dat is challenging, adventurous n fun because im allowed 2 spend my days with d fture..

im a teacher…n i thank God for it everyday…:)

p/s: i read d newspaper just now n figured out that "gaji asas guru ketiga tertinggi after doctor and engineer"..it brightens my day...but ida!!! remember dat Chicken Soup ckp material wealth is not one of teacher's goals...!!

3 Responses
  1. pinkysplash9 Says:

    happy teachers day ieda.haha x sedar diri sendiri pon sama. for the record, nobody wishes me happy teachers day. sbb sume mcm tahu2 je yg i ni x redha kene jd cikgu. hahahah.

  2. ieda_life Says:

    hepy techer's day 2 u 2..so im d first wishig u..huhu..

  3. pinkysplash9 Says:

    haha tq. i don't mind at all not getting any wishes. but the thought of u still want to wish me, warm me a lil bit. thank you dear. hee.