now, i knw why those gurls chose dat way...gewd gurls...
ida!!dnt put any revenge!!Allah xske...yup2...baiklah...

i'll let u know and i'll ensure that u know but u cant reach my blog for sometime...and thats d problem coz u wont know what im trying to let u know....:(...pnat je create d previous post but nver mind..i wont delete it in order to ensure that u read...:)

and to abg celcom, sory coz u have to pick up my fon call early in the morning whenever i got through u...and force urself to hear my harsh voice..act xla harsh sngt coz i ngah geram n as usual if i ngah gram sore cm nk nangis mmg nk nangis pun mse tu..huhu..soryla bro..if the same thing keeps occuring, i'll change my number so i wont disturb u anymore k...u aman i pun aman...peace..:)

i dnt know why lots of things turned to be upside down and went wrong lately...:(
2 Responses
  1. h u d a Says:

    be cool. everything will fall into place :) where it should belong.

    Kite caye kat Dia je,ok?

  2. ieda_life Says:

    yup2 agree..thanx kak huda...:)