wah!! seems like im really into blogging...huhu...
as sme of u already knew dat im on olidays...all dis while nothing 2 do at home...just setlle all d household chores n rest n waitng for Adamaya at 6 o'clock..huhu..

as usual, during my sem break im not going for work for sure not becoz there's no vacancy but im too choosy...hehe..n whats more im not really intersted in working actually.. im nt greedy for money n earning as i got allowance every month...just like a working women..lucky me..huhu..

BUT...im a business-minded type of person...ceh...
believe me?no?..nver mind..
lets gve me chance to prove....

during last sem semester break i ws doing these....



all above are underconstruction..huhu.

complete one..ready to be sold..RM35

smaller size-RM15

can be paired

FYI, i just did whenever there r orders or demands from ppl..so xde stock yg mmg ade kt umh..

act last 4 days ade org order but i x bwat lg...huhu..

n fr dis semester break.....

material: cotton 
design : abstract

design : batik

design: english cotton
design: english cotton

design: + gold stripes

design: + gold stripes

design: + gold stripes

design: + gold stripes

am i qualified 2 be a bussiness woman?..huhu..
2 Responses
  1. pinkysplash9 Says:

    pandainya ida wat tudung saji tu? belajar ke??? mcm nk beli je. bole???
    tp x tawu cmne nk amik.

  2. ieda_life Says:

    yup blaja from mk lang...huhu..
    bole je nk beli..2la sllu org mlk bli so my mum anta kt umh je...klu nk nek sem t la nmpknye i bg..
    bole je order colour n design bole plih..up 2 u..:)