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~working experience~

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sudah lama memendam hasrat untuk share pengalaman bekerja tapi masih tidak kesampaian. bila dah kerja ni balik umah memang xde mood nak bukak laptop. kalau on9 pun via phone je. bila bdn letih semua benda rasa malas nak buat. eh eh bukan i dah resign ke? yup..i memang dah resign from my former job. but now, i hve been working as hurm...hurm...a clerk i should say. pada mulanya, memang niat nak tolong mak kurangkan bebanan kerja beliau. since i pun borink duk umah doing my fulltime-housewife-routine,  i agreed to accompany mum to her workplace. at least i can help her doing her job and make her life easier. pity her coz always grumble about her workloads which seem piling up day by day.

i felt so lucky when her boss noticed my presence at the workplace. he knew that mum's always busy completing her task till she rarely took rest during lunch hour. i mean the actual break or rest that she'd been longing for as on my first day at work, i could see mum's wide awake doing her task while her colleagues were sleeping soundly during lunch break. and maybe because of the boss acknowledged that mum got a lot of things to do there, he offered me to work with them and i'll be paid.

actually, i didnt really care about being paid or not coz i went there with the intention of helping my mum at the first place. there are several things or in other words data on patients' cases that should be documented by mum which are nearly on their due date.

so, dengan itu sudah tercapaila hasratku untuk membuat kerja-kerja perkeranian. yes, i do love clerical work! my mum is not a clerk but i found that her job requires her to do loads of clerical work. thus, basically this is what i do everyday; since my mum kerja kat Unit Sosial dan Kebajikan, i need to key in all the registered patients' details who ask for the supports. the supports are not solely in the form of things or properties, these including the counseling session and so forth.

tapi, apa yang menggusarkan saya adalah setiap hari ade je registered S/P or ibu tanpa nikah. dan setiap hari juga ada je patients yang dihantar ke Unit kami untuk sesi kaunseling. ada yang telah melahirkan dan ada yang sedang sarat mengandung. can u imagine ni baru sebuah hospital je. how bout hospital di negeri-negeri and daerah yang lain. berapa ramai anak luar nikah?

sometimes, if i got time, i went through several cases. i mean i read some of their reports and i hate doing so actually. this is because, they led me to be paranoid about marriage life.
yesterday, there was a pretty girl aged 23 came to our department and i could see her eyes were welling with tears. my mum and her colleague interviewed the girl while i just listened hard. she said that she's been married for 6 months to an Indian Muslim. actually, she's a Chinese converted to Islam while her husband who formerly an Indian is now converted to Islam as well. that girl selalu kena pukul dengan her husband sejak kahwin kalu dia tegur suami dia. he is a drunk. and dia kahwin pun sbbkn arranged marriage. her Indian friend introduced his friend who's now her husband to her. and she's actually not ready to get married that early. plus, her parents are divorcees and now she has filed for divorce too. it's a great pity what a broken family she has!

and i love working there coz i feel like im studying medicine. i came across medical terms everyday while keying in the patients' details and cases. Oftalmologi, Ginekology,Orthopedics, O & R and etc.etc.etc...

~room makeover~

salam n hye all...

hurm...u already knew that i'd resigned from my job right...so yesterday onward will be the 'old me', i mean the 'unemployed me' ...i tried my best not to do nothing at home. i once told you before that i wished to be productive even though im jobless....household chores are something different, that are absolutely my routine!

yesterday, i went to Bank Islam to activate my account after receiving a warning letter days ago. since, the bank is just nearby Romantika and KK shop i paid a visit for a while to look for any new stuffs there. yup, i really really really love all the English style stuffs!. sometimes, i didnt plan to buy any but i just love to see those white English stuffs...cuci mata la senang cakap. if someday i went missing, please look for me at one of those shops.haha..



really love these shops...

since im jobless now, i planned to make up my bedroom...i'd surveyed the Jotun and Colourland paint just now and i think i'll opt for dark pink this year. my room is now got two colours; the combination of soft pink and grey which i think it doesnt really make my white furniture looks stunning!!! 

my problem is, i got so many stuffs in my room and trail of ideas in mind but i have only limited space of room to be decorated. yup, i actually need bigger room plus my own bedroom so that i can realize my wish. right now, i have to share my room with my sis and she doesnt really favour english style. nasib baik dia x brape kesah. 

so, these are the stuffs that i've been collecting and buying those days. some i bought myself and several were given by families. 

and several of these....

can you help me to put all these at their proper place?

~a sweet escape~

salam n hye all....

again regarding the job, im really really really looking forward to my resignation day...and it's today. yahhooo!!
while writing this, i just received a msg from my manager 5minutes ago. "salam, ida last bila? sok last atau ari ni last?"  actually yesterday, i told him that i'll leave the job tomorrow but today i called off my plan. i made it one day earlier....so, i replied " wslm, mcm nak last hari ni sbb esok nak settle kan document2 hari khamis dh kena lapor diri"... lapor diri ke mana?...don't ask me please!

hurm, like i wrote in my previous post, there's no holiday....on top of my blog stated that 'no life without love' right? the same goes to 'no life without holidays'! haha....
plus, the manager is getting fierce and fierce everyday...i couldn't stand anymore....

~working life~

salam n hye all...

sudah berhari-hari ada niat untuk menulis tapi masa sangat mencemburui aku. semenjak dah bekerjaya ini memang balik umah je xde mood nak on laptop. balik umah mandi, solat, makan tgk tb n tido.memang dah jadi routine harianku for these past 9days. yup i already worked for 9 days n next two weeks or naik cuti sekolah ni i planned untuk tidak bekerja. i have strong reasons for it!

almost 2 months i've been umemployed..hurm i mean unemployed sebab x dapat kerja yang sepatutnya, yang parallel to my qualification as a teacher. kawan aku cakap skang ni kitorang bukan menganggur tapi memang status kitorang sedang bercuti sementara tunggu posting n maybe sampai bulan 7...so, i decided to look for a job. actually i was not really looking for a job but the job was coming to me!! haha...thus, i've been a cashier for 9 days..

actually my sis once being a clerk as her part time job there years ago. and the manager called her asking for anyone who's free and looking for a job. so my sis reached me and explained to me regarding the wages, working hours and everything that related to the job. so, on the same day, i called the manager and he asked me to go for a short interview that evening. and the next day he asked me to start my job.

for the first 5 days, i could still stand with the work as during the interview he told me that i could get one day leave per week. several days after that, the manager told me that cuti dibekukan coz xcukup orang bekerja.
i started to grumble about everything to my mum and dad and even the whole families. coz of xde cuti, i missed sending my lil sis for her pre-medic course, and if i continued working there, i couldnt attend my paklang's kenduri for umrah this Saturday and couldnt be able to send my lil bro to his hostel this Sunday. you need to work everyday and no oliday at all!!! and this is the first strong reason why i felt like quitting this Friday.

apart from that, the manager is actually the cashier as well as the pump attendant. he need to hold 3 positions simultaneously due to limited number of staff there. i know he is exhausted everyday compared to me who's just being a cashier. he's a hot-tempered man. sometimes sbbkan die marahkan orang lain dengan kita sekali kena marah...and this is my second reason why i wished to quit soon.

the third reason is i dah malas nak keje...haha...