~room makeover~

salam n hye all...

hurm...u already knew that i'd resigned from my job right...so yesterday onward will be the 'old me', i mean the 'unemployed me' ...i tried my best not to do nothing at home. i once told you before that i wished to be productive even though im jobless....household chores are something different, that are absolutely my routine!

yesterday, i went to Bank Islam to activate my account after receiving a warning letter days ago. since, the bank is just nearby Romantika and KK shop i paid a visit for a while to look for any new stuffs there. yup, i really really really love all the English style stuffs!. sometimes, i didnt plan to buy any but i just love to see those white English stuffs...cuci mata la senang cakap. if someday i went missing, please look for me at one of those shops.haha..



really love these shops...

since im jobless now, i planned to make up my bedroom...i'd surveyed the Jotun and Colourland paint just now and i think i'll opt for dark pink this year. my room is now got two colours; the combination of soft pink and grey which i think it doesnt really make my white furniture looks stunning!!! 

my problem is, i got so many stuffs in my room and trail of ideas in mind but i have only limited space of room to be decorated. yup, i actually need bigger room plus my own bedroom so that i can realize my wish. right now, i have to share my room with my sis and she doesnt really favour english style. nasib baik dia x brape kesah. 

so, these are the stuffs that i've been collecting and buying those days. some i bought myself and several were given by families. 

and several of these....

can you help me to put all these at their proper place?

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