~DIY: hantaran pertunangan ♥♥♥24/7/2011♥♥♥~

salam all...

i'd been busy lately due to several events.....and this post is going to explain my 'business' all this while...
one day before bro's E-day, we had kenduri doa selamat and kesyukuran...thus i've had a pretty hectic days last weekend....

the hantaran for both sides were designed and prepared all by myself...

Hantaran pihak lelaki

sirih junjung

hantaran kek

hantaran cincin

hantaran coklat

hantaran kain

hantaran baju

hantaran buah

Hantaran pihak perempuan

sirih junjung

hantaran buah

hantaran coklat

hantaran kuih

hantaran kek

hantaran tuala

hantaran bunga rampai 

hantaran baju kemeja

hantaran telur

♥♥♥congratz to both of u...♥♥♥

~cherish the memory of that day~

I thought I would never
find the right person
to love
until I met you
And since I have
always thought that
love is the most
important part of my life
I want our love
to last and
to be as beautiful
as it is now
I want our love
to be the backbone
of our lives forever

Our love came naturally
but I know that
we must both work
at making it last
so I will try my hardest
at all times
to be fair and honest with you
I will
strive for my own goals
and help you achieve yours
I will always try
to understand you
I will always
let you know what I am thinking
I will always
try to support you
I will try
to successfully blend
our lives together
with enough freedom
to grow as individuals
I will always
consider each day
with you special
Regardless of
what events
occur in our lives
I will make
sure that our
relationship flourishes
as I will always
love and respect you

finished baking the cuppies at almost 2 a.m.....memories remain...:)

~it'll come to its end just soon~


time flies too fast for me to catch....being here for a week taught me how to be patient, courage and fight for my right...at the same time always praying to God that i could go through all and follow those irrational rules and regulations. i couldn't wait for this hectic life to come to its end soon..hopefully....clock, please ticking faster...

part of me realized that i'm about to finish my 6 years studies and the other part of me wondered whether i'm ready and fully prepared myself for teaching, to serve the nation and the future generation...

currently, i'm alone in my 'scary' room...yes, that's what nana's sis blurted out when she took her first step into our room on the registration day....me? i should reward myself for not crying just like what i did couple of years ago on the first day because i already expected the worst. sometimes, it's good to expect the worst right? whatever it is, i'm still grateful of what i have...
nothing much i can do in this haunted room while waiting for my parents to fetch me up this evening....i already got my deep dreamless sleep....was woken by people's voice who were my roommate and all my compartment-mates, they were busy packing and looking forward to their respective heavenly home, to spend time with their families and for some were eager to meet their husband...what a life...we are adult.... i'm committing a sin if i said that i'm not bored...duh...really2 bored..so, i did some printing; lecturers' notes, at least i wont regret of not doing anything....

number of friends were already updating their FB status telling that they were already arrived their hometown....congratz gurls!!! you are free now even though it's just only for 2 days....i'm still stranded here...at times, eyeing on the clock and praying wholeheartedly to God that it ticks faster so that i could be home now.....God willing...:)

~warm wishes to myself and the beloved ones~

salam all....

welcome to school dear...the hustle and bustle will begin just soon....less sleeping hour, less food available, lose weight for sure...the only reason i love that place is that it just nearby my house....:)

beloved mum and dad, 
maybe it's wrong for me to say nothing should be worried about...this is your first time i know..but please don't be too worried, loved.

bro and future sis, 
if you all need my help, just get through me, give me a call....insyaAllah i'll lend you a hand and everything will run smoothly. 

life is hard and tough sometimes..student's life will never fail to tense you girl...remember,it's not easy to hold a degree WITH knowledge.

all the best in whatever you do wherever you're...i realized your journey of life is way complicated compared to mine. brace yourself for all the challenges and pray to Allah...insyaAllah HE would ease all and show you the way...

welcome to working life....happy working!!
Akon's 'Nobody wanna see us together' is partly true. i believe our respective parents, families and our real friends always pray for our togetherness....if we are meant to be together, nobody can stop HIS plan....do pray, pray and pray...always...