~warm wishes to myself and the beloved ones~

salam all....

welcome to school dear...the hustle and bustle will begin just soon....less sleeping hour, less food available, lose weight for sure...the only reason i love that place is that it just nearby my house....:)

beloved mum and dad, 
maybe it's wrong for me to say nothing should be worried about...this is your first time i know..but please don't be too worried, loved.

bro and future sis, 
if you all need my help, just get through me, give me a call....insyaAllah i'll lend you a hand and everything will run smoothly. 

life is hard and tough sometimes..student's life will never fail to tense you girl...remember,it's not easy to hold a degree WITH knowledge.

all the best in whatever you do wherever you're...i realized your journey of life is way complicated compared to mine. brace yourself for all the challenges and pray to Allah...insyaAllah HE would ease all and show you the way...

welcome to working life....happy working!!
Akon's 'Nobody wanna see us together' is partly true. i believe our respective parents, families and our real friends always pray for our togetherness....if we are meant to be together, nobody can stop HIS plan....do pray, pray and pray...always...

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