~u would feel the same way i do~

it'd been a while i didnt write any new posts since my last entry ...if u could still remember, i promise to talk on 'English is funny' thingy rite?but sory for the delay. this is due to the multiply.com (sort of educational web). from now on, i have to manage two blogs as i was assigned to post educational entry weekly for the multiply's blog.and it's compulsory okay!!!

for this time being, what can i say is that im heading to a state of being busy...but i think 'heading' is not the apt and best word to describe actually as im kind of busy now..
and 1 thing that is inevitable for u to know is that i just wish each and everyone of you try to put urself in my shoes or simply say just wear my shoes. i bet u would feel the same way i do...
all the while, i thought being democratic or managing something with democracy is good but it's not applicable for certain situation sometimes...i intended to be democratic as i tried to please everyone but....life as u know it....i cant satisfy each and every head....

some people said i should be a little dictatorial as i have the power to do so....to decide or make decision i meant. yes, i do have the power but there r lots of things in my mind...i love to imagine if im in the same boat as them that's why i've been struggling to be tolerant and fair...thus i gave them choices....

and plz keep this in your mind: if u feel doubt about something or ambivalent about anything..let me know..we can have face-to face meeting to clarify all...im not tired of explaining the same thing to each and evryone of u as long as u didnt accuse me.. hurm..not only me but us blindly. Accusation is one of 7 destructive sins (Dr.Kabuye,2010)....plz remember that.

only people who hd met me knew the reason why. its not only for my own benefits but groups as well as society as a whole...:)

~the ORANJE~

WE ARE FROM...........ORANGE!  

yup...we did lead the rest...being top 3 was awesome rite...??? huhu..i could see my students portraying their ecstatic faces when ppl announced that our group won the third place.
great facilitators they have...huhu..i just addresed myself as Teacher Ida to them and i was paired with Teacher Umi who's also my roomate.
oh ya...i forgot to tell u that i actually involved in an English Camp that was held in UIA and this program was organized by us, pre-service TESL students. The students involved was from Sek. Rendah Agama Integrasi, Sg. Chincin.
even though the camp was just for 2days, umi and i had so much fun....seems like now i already miss them...:(

from left: me, hadi, uzair,naim, haisam,umi
shira, husna, ain, aishah

the theme for this English camp was 'English is fun' but experienced teaching and facilitating them to learn English, for me it's not fun anymore but it's more to 'English is funny'...i'll tell u the reasons why it's so in the next entry...insyaALLAH.

being just a mere facilitator who's just handling and engaging with the students in doing group work differs from being a facilitator who's facilitate and teach the students to learn English.
 it's more challenging...

~permata yang dicari~

DeHearty : Permata Yang di Cari

Hadirnya tanpa kusedari
Menggamit kasih cinta bersemi
Hadir cinta insan padaku ini
Anugerah kurniaan Ilahi

Lembut tutur bicaranya
Menarik hatiku untuk mendekatinya
Kesopanannya memikat di hati
Mendamaikan jiwaku yang resah ini

Ya Allah
Jika dia benar untukku
Dekatkanlah hatinya dengan hatiku
Jika dia bukan milikku
Damaikanlah hatiku
Dengan ketentuan-Mu

Dialah permata yang dicari
Selama ini baru kutemui
Tapi ku tak pasti rencana Ilahi
Apakah dia kan kumiliki
Tidak sekali dinodai nafsu
Akan kubatasi dengan syariat-Mu
Jika dirinya bukan untukku
Redha hatiku dengan ketentuan-Mu

Ya Allah
Engkaulah tempat kubergantung harapanku
Kuharap diriku sentiasa di bawah rahmat-Mu

~from d bottom of my heart~



~a monologue~

how could i divide my 24hours fairly?

between my parents, my friends and my soulmate...
but of course my parents should be my priority rite...?
i know all dis while, some might have hurt
i love each and everyone of u but i couldnt make it as i failed to satisfy all..sory..

besides those three, i love my studies as well....
as time goes by, it should be properly and wisely managed
FYI, i ws still blurrr during lecture as i couldnt absorb well what hve been taught even though it was already my second week of lecture...
it's not a good start i supposed, i just realized....

~ada bagus bagusss~

hello everyone..
oh ya..a few ppl kept asking me about my new entry but i just simply responded by saying that i hve nothing to share, write or brag about. would u give me an idea?..i used to post that question whenever people ask me for the new entry only to help me initiate myself into blogging.

fortunately, this evening, i was surprised by a green, neatly-wrapped bufday present given by my coursemate, hani thus dragged me here now writing this entry...
i didnt expect i would still get another book as my bufday present since my bufday was in April. it was months months ago rite?...
by Dr.HM Tuah Iskandar al-Haj

in this book, he illustrated and focused on self-motivation, life, family, parenting, spouses, teenagers, discipline, effort, profession, business, career, religion, God, entrepreneur, ibadah, psychology, race, language, love, health, moral values,culture, leisure activities and IPT.

lovenote:hani, do u know that i love to read Dr.Tuah's works or masterpiece?
a gazillion thanx to hani...:)

~home sweet home~

slm..hye all...
For most of the time, whatever words that came out from my mouth which neednt necessarily require me to produce even an utterance would be fulfilled just within less than an hour, heaven! That’s why I always grab the chance to be home.

And one of the main reasons I always home is just because Im able to forget and put my college workloads aside for some time. What disturb me the most is whenever my friends who r always being concerned texted me asking bout the books, group discussion, group members’ list, topic of the assignment and so forth that sometimes spoiled my mood. But luckily, it rarely happened, thanx God. But hey,hey..Don’t try to think of it in its negative way, im not intended to tell u that my friends are my disturbances. Instead, I should thank them for sending me not just a text message but a reminder so that im always on track. Luv u…

Tonite, I need to have enough rest and sleep as much as last night coz im afraid of this eye bag and dark circle seemed as if they started to haunt me again and again. This is not because that Garnier roll-on thing doesn’t work well on me but it’s because of me who turned to be a not-really-conscious of health person when im in college. Plz blame me for that!

Being home, chit chatting and having heart-to-heart talk with bro was something that should be appreciated for by understanding bro=understanding boys….could it go that way? Or maybe…understanding bro=understanding boys who r just like bro. maybe the latter equation is more apt rite?

Bro, I try to put myself in ur shoes but I could only sympathize. Sorry for not expressing great empathy since im still and forever a girl not a boy….

lovenote: to Dr. Engku Haliza, im writing everyday...dis is my journal..if u r about to collect mine, i'll print it for you...:)

~antara cinta & suka~

di hadapan orang yang kita cinta, hati kita akan berdegup kencang..
tapi di depan orang yang kita suka, hati kita akan gembira...

di depan org yg kita cinta, musim sentiasa berbunga-bunga
tapi di depan org yg kita suka, musim itu cuma berangin sahaja..

jikalau kita lihat di dalam mata org yg kita cinta, kita akan kaku..
tapi jikalau kita melihat ke dalam mata org yg kita suka, kita akan tersenyum...

di depan org yg kita cinta, lidah kelu untuk berkata-kata..
tapi di depan org yg kita suka, lidah bebas berkata ape sahaja....

di depan org yg kita cinta, kita menjadi malu..
tapi di depan org yg kita suka, kita akn tunjukkan imej yang sebenar...

kita tidak boleh mernung mata org yg kita cinta...
tp kita selalu merenung mata org yg kita suka...

bila org yg kita cinta  menangis, kita akan turut menangis...
tp bile org yg kita suka menangis, kita akn turut membuat die gembira..

perasaan cinta bermula dari mata..
perasaan suka bermula dr telinga..
jadi, jikalau kita berhenti menyukai seseorang yg kita suka, umpama kita membuang telinga kita..
tp jika kita cuba menutup mata, cinta berubah menjadi airmata..

setiap org yang akn mengalami ini dalam hidup mereka, cuma fikirkanlah bersama-sama siapa yg ada cinta..
tp hakikatnya, Cinta kpd Allah swt adalah lebih hakiki dan abadi...

CINTA ibarat sebuah rumah,
xperlu cntik, xperlu mewah,
yg penting kita bahagia di dalamnya..



feel free to ask me anything...:)

~yes..she is...~

while writing this post, i sneaking into my blogger list at the same time in order to update myself if there r new entries posted by them. i bumped into one of my rumates, Lin's post and then i couldnt refrain my blood from burning into my face while reading it...im blushing...:)

yesterday, i told her that it hd been a while i didnt update my blog..so, she came out with the idea of introducing her as my rumate..actually, i'd been thinking d same all dis while but just managed to do it when the time permits and the mood tolerates.

here i am..introducing her..:)

my rumate a.k.a compartmentmate
she's a nice+generous+clever gurl i would say
i never had a chance to snap her pic while she's in room
lin, i curi pic ni from ur fb..huhu..

my bed
my desk

oh ya...tonite, i'll get another 2 rumates...tka n tkash, u r most welcome....:)
lin just arrived, i should stop writing now..huhu..

~Love is Forever~

Love is Forever
Muse – Neutron Star Collision
twilight eclipse OST

I was searching you were on a mission
Then our hearts combined like a neutron star collision
I have nothing left to lose
You took your time to choose
Then we told each other with no trace of fear that

Our love would be forever
And if we die, we die together
Well I, I said never
Cause our love would be forever

The world is broken, halos fail to glisten
We try to make a difference but no one wants to listen
Hail the preachers, fake and proud
Their doctrines will be cloud
Then they'll dissipate like snowflakes in an ocean

Love is forever and we’ll die
We’ll die together
Well I, I said never
Cause our love, could be forever

Now I’ve got nothing left to lose
You take your time to choose
I can tell you now without a trace of fear

That my love will be forever
And well die, we’ll die together
Will I, I will never
Cause our love will be forever

lovenote: thanx 4 d song..:)



means im already home now!!

to mum, dad and sis,
sory for burdening u all...oh ya, we only had our dinner. no lunch for today okay! and sesat2..dad, it's night so u were forgiven...:)

to him,
it's not just new sem, new oufit, new bedsheet..it should go this way: new sem, new compartmentmate, new roomates, new block, new room, new outfit, new bedsheet, new surrounding..new bf...oopps!huhu..
everything's new...

to friends,
dont freak out..i knw it's in chaos there before my arrival even though i wasnt around but i could feel it..but try to think positively about the seed and u''ll see the fruit in its positive way too.... u wont blame others then..:)

dont make a promise if u feel ambivalent about it coz im hoping....


the day has come
it's hard to believe though
i didnt feel like leaving
couldnt state d reasons why
just chose to keep them on the low...

i envy my friends portraying their esctatic posts on their excitement of going back...

~wif my beloved ones~

slm..hye all..:)
today dawned bright and clear as it doesnt seem to appear drizzling..i hope so for i wished to do pile of laundry..
just 2 days left....i have to spend most of my remaining minutes home wif all my beloved ones but unfortunately i couldnt make it by day since they are all away at work...so i just got the chance to have them around me by night...
yesterday, i deliberately didnt do my culinary during the day as i planned to ask them for dinner table outside...we went for ayam penyet.

while eating, i discovered some differences between ayam penyet in Malacca and the other one that i once ate in KL..
  • ayam penyet in Malacca is cheaper which is only RM5.80 if compared to KL, RM8.90 (if im not mistaken)
  • KL's is more crispy
  • KL's has 2 types of sambal but Malacca's has only one
  • KL's gune daun pisang while Malacca's just gune kertas minyak.
i found two kedai in my area and im going to try the other one someday in order to compare which is the best... i'd recommend it to u then...:)


slm..hye all..
just to show u d last group before my sem break comes to its end...

 my first attempt doing on purple tudung saji

since only 3days left, no more tudung saji after this...study!study!study! mlsnyerrr........:(
i ought to pack everythng by now, my hate-college-life mood started to bite into me and i felt like quitting and giving up study...God, plz...

p/s: gurls...do we need to print out the check out slip?

~dialogue between a mother and her child in her womb~

Mom : Assalamualaikum my dear. How are you today?

Baby : Waalaikumussalam my dear mom. I'm feeling good today mom. But there are something growing out from my body!!! (his arms & legs) what are these mom? I don't like it. It keeps getting in my way. I can't move as freely as I used to be before!

Mom : Owh that are your hands and your legs my darling. Alhamdulillah, you are growing as you should.

Baby : Can you make it go away mom? I don't need these hands and legs. They are of no use to me now.

Mom : You must not say that! Be grateful dear. You will need them when you are born. You will need it to walk on this earth. To be Allah's servant. You will be in such a great loss if you don't have them in the future.

End of conversation...

The baby doesn't know the difficulties that he is going to face on the earth if he doesn't have any hands or legs. Because he never used it in the womb. For him, his world is his mom's womb.

Can you see how similar we are and the baby? We have never ever encounter the life after death. We only know the world as the earth that we are living now. Just like an innocence baby. Our amal ma'ruf as our arms and legs in akhirah. We can live without them in this world right? But what about in akhirah? Can we leave without them? And we have been given so many reminders and guidances from Allah through His messenger and The Book, Quran. Who else can we trust if not our GOD, Allah? Think bout it...:)


~wedding n post-wedding?~

do u still remember my post on pre-wedding?now..im married...huhu..
eh no la...nana and her sister invited me to join them for her friend's wedding in Malacca...
we had a great time chitchatting together after almost 3months we hvn't seen each other.
she could barely stop talking to me and my families, so did I.

~kaka vs messi~

just arrived home...
bru blik dri mmbeli brg2 hstel n teman my bro tgk football match...i just realized Kaka is more handsome than Messi...so, good bye Argentina...go go Brazil!!..huhu..

tp Brazil kalah plak mlm nie..Kaka pun main x bgitu baik hri ni.....:(
xpe..Kaka, next tyme main sungguh2 okay...promise?

~because our friendship means so much~

slm..hye all...
While searching for something precious, I came across these two cards. I just realized I’d been keeping them for almost 4 years. They were given to me on the day I went away leaving my matriculation life behind...:(

ain's handmade

we'd been in the same school since form 1 till 5 and fortunately been in the same matriculation even just for about a month. i could still remember we had once been called 'red bull' due to our red LDP (Lembaga Disiplin Pengawas) uniform by a group of delinquent students when we were in our secondary. but they didnt bother us at all actually...

she's the one who enthusiastically got through me just to check the result via SMS in order to know whether i was chosen to be enrolled to the maktab...we simultaneously cried in front of each other by the minute she knew that she failed to get the offer while me cried when a message received indicating about my enrolment...
she's going to be a dentist someday and already married to a doctor-to-be...im happy for them both..

this one from Liyana who's formerly my matriculated roomate

she'd witnessed everything including hardship i'd gone through when people forced me to quit and go for being a teacher.

I don’t use the word
‘friend’ in a casual way
because to me, a friend is more than just an acquaintance
or someone u happen to talk to now and then.
 A friend is someone special.
To me, a friend means YOU,
with loving thoughts.
because our friendship means so much...

lovenote: to mum and dad, thanx 4 choosing...u knw what's d best for your daughter...
i did all just because I LOVE YOU....