~because our friendship means so much~

slm..hye all...
While searching for something precious, I came across these two cards. I just realized I’d been keeping them for almost 4 years. They were given to me on the day I went away leaving my matriculation life behind...:(

ain's handmade

we'd been in the same school since form 1 till 5 and fortunately been in the same matriculation even just for about a month. i could still remember we had once been called 'red bull' due to our red LDP (Lembaga Disiplin Pengawas) uniform by a group of delinquent students when we were in our secondary. but they didnt bother us at all actually...

she's the one who enthusiastically got through me just to check the result via SMS in order to know whether i was chosen to be enrolled to the maktab...we simultaneously cried in front of each other by the minute she knew that she failed to get the offer while me cried when a message received indicating about my enrolment...
she's going to be a dentist someday and already married to a doctor-to-be...im happy for them both..

this one from Liyana who's formerly my matriculated roomate

she'd witnessed everything including hardship i'd gone through when people forced me to quit and go for being a teacher.

I don’t use the word
‘friend’ in a casual way
because to me, a friend is more than just an acquaintance
or someone u happen to talk to now and then.
 A friend is someone special.
To me, a friend means YOU,
with loving thoughts.
because our friendship means so much...

lovenote: to mum and dad, thanx 4 choosing...u knw what's d best for your daughter...
i did all just because I LOVE YOU....
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