~ada bagus bagusss~

hello everyone..
oh ya..a few ppl kept asking me about my new entry but i just simply responded by saying that i hve nothing to share, write or brag about. would u give me an idea?..i used to post that question whenever people ask me for the new entry only to help me initiate myself into blogging.

fortunately, this evening, i was surprised by a green, neatly-wrapped bufday present given by my coursemate, hani thus dragged me here now writing this entry...
i didnt expect i would still get another book as my bufday present since my bufday was in April. it was months months ago rite?...
by Dr.HM Tuah Iskandar al-Haj

in this book, he illustrated and focused on self-motivation, life, family, parenting, spouses, teenagers, discipline, effort, profession, business, career, religion, God, entrepreneur, ibadah, psychology, race, language, love, health, moral values,culture, leisure activities and IPT.

lovenote:hani, do u know that i love to read Dr.Tuah's works or masterpiece?
a gazillion thanx to hani...:)
2 Responses
  1. hanis Says:

    welcome dear.i adore his books really much also.just wanna share my interest with u.hope u'll enjoy dat book and get something from the stories.

  2. ieda_life Says:

    ok dear...it really benefits me i would say..thnx again..:)