~home sweet home~

slm..hye all...
For most of the time, whatever words that came out from my mouth which neednt necessarily require me to produce even an utterance would be fulfilled just within less than an hour, heaven! That’s why I always grab the chance to be home.

And one of the main reasons I always home is just because Im able to forget and put my college workloads aside for some time. What disturb me the most is whenever my friends who r always being concerned texted me asking bout the books, group discussion, group members’ list, topic of the assignment and so forth that sometimes spoiled my mood. But luckily, it rarely happened, thanx God. But hey,hey..Don’t try to think of it in its negative way, im not intended to tell u that my friends are my disturbances. Instead, I should thank them for sending me not just a text message but a reminder so that im always on track. Luv u…

Tonite, I need to have enough rest and sleep as much as last night coz im afraid of this eye bag and dark circle seemed as if they started to haunt me again and again. This is not because that Garnier roll-on thing doesn’t work well on me but it’s because of me who turned to be a not-really-conscious of health person when im in college. Plz blame me for that!

Being home, chit chatting and having heart-to-heart talk with bro was something that should be appreciated for by understanding bro=understanding boys….could it go that way? Or maybe…understanding bro=understanding boys who r just like bro. maybe the latter equation is more apt rite?

Bro, I try to put myself in ur shoes but I could only sympathize. Sorry for not expressing great empathy since im still and forever a girl not a boy….

lovenote: to Dr. Engku Haliza, im writing everyday...dis is my journal..if u r about to collect mine, i'll print it for you...:)
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