means im already home now!!

to mum, dad and sis,
sory for burdening u all...oh ya, we only had our dinner. no lunch for today okay! and sesat2..dad, it's night so u were forgiven...:)

to him,
it's not just new sem, new oufit, new bedsheet..it should go this way: new sem, new compartmentmate, new roomates, new block, new room, new outfit, new bedsheet, new surrounding..new bf...oopps!huhu..
everything's new...

to friends,
dont freak out..i knw it's in chaos there before my arrival even though i wasnt around but i could feel it..but try to think positively about the seed and u''ll see the fruit in its positive way too.... u wont blame others then..:)

dont make a promise if u feel ambivalent about it coz im hoping....
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