~yes..she is...~

while writing this post, i sneaking into my blogger list at the same time in order to update myself if there r new entries posted by them. i bumped into one of my rumates, Lin's post and then i couldnt refrain my blood from burning into my face while reading it...im blushing...:)

yesterday, i told her that it hd been a while i didnt update my blog..so, she came out with the idea of introducing her as my rumate..actually, i'd been thinking d same all dis while but just managed to do it when the time permits and the mood tolerates.

here i am..introducing her..:)

my rumate a.k.a compartmentmate
she's a nice+generous+clever gurl i would say
i never had a chance to snap her pic while she's in room
lin, i curi pic ni from ur fb..huhu..

my bed
my desk

oh ya...tonite, i'll get another 2 rumates...tka n tkash, u r most welcome....:)
lin just arrived, i should stop writing now..huhu..
2 Responses
  1. hanis Says:

    haha.its not fair my dear.u should include me.ur ex-roomate 4 about 2 years if im not mistaken.haha
    haha.btw,hope u'll enjoy with ur new roomates!

  2. ieda_life Says:

    unfair?..no la..if im about to talk bout all my new rumates as well as d former ones, it wll take gazillion pages 2 dscribe all of u...u all r indescribable coz u hv carved somethng great on my heart...thnx for being friends wif me..:)