~wif my beloved ones~

slm..hye all..:)
today dawned bright and clear as it doesnt seem to appear drizzling..i hope so for i wished to do pile of laundry..
just 2 days left....i have to spend most of my remaining minutes home wif all my beloved ones but unfortunately i couldnt make it by day since they are all away at work...so i just got the chance to have them around me by night...
yesterday, i deliberately didnt do my culinary during the day as i planned to ask them for dinner table outside...we went for ayam penyet.

while eating, i discovered some differences between ayam penyet in Malacca and the other one that i once ate in KL..
  • ayam penyet in Malacca is cheaper which is only RM5.80 if compared to KL, RM8.90 (if im not mistaken)
  • KL's is more crispy
  • KL's has 2 types of sambal but Malacca's has only one
  • KL's gune daun pisang while Malacca's just gune kertas minyak.
i found two kedai in my area and im going to try the other one someday in order to compare which is the best... i'd recommend it to u then...:)
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