~wedding n post-wedding?~

do u still remember my post on pre-wedding?now..im married...huhu..
eh no la...nana and her sister invited me to join them for her friend's wedding in Malacca...
we had a great time chitchatting together after almost 3months we hvn't seen each other.
she could barely stop talking to me and my families, so did I.
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  1. clumsy Says:
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  2. clumsy Says:

    we had a great time wif u t0o..
    tau xpe..b0rakkkkk je xbenti..huhu
    mish u maa...
    thx cz sudi j0in ktorg..
    and thx for the hospitality..
    muah muah~! huhuhuhu

    p/s: l0ikee d pics! (:

  3. ieda_life Says:

    yup2 thnx kat korg gak coz sudi invited me....food pun sdap sngt kn..huhu...yup like them to0..:)