~hoping for this blissful feeling will remain forever~

salam n hye all....:)

life is getting busier day by day... since mum's been away for several days, i've been a daughter, a sister, a mother as well as a wifey as the basic household chores being done by myself. thanx God coz  lil sis is home before she's ready to be a real medical student so at least she could be able to lend me a hand to take care of the house and the family especially our dad. mum had already reminded me to look after our dad before departing to Perlis last two days. she'll be home tomorrow InsyaAllah and start to work as usual.

and tomorrow will be my first day at work without mum. it might be an awkward day i guess. but i'll try my best not to let it happen. if i managed to complete the whole week, i mean working till the end of the week, therefore i've been working there for a month! such a great achievement i supposed as u could see i didnt complain  or grumble about work much since my first day at work right? or maybe the boss and colleagues were not being too bossy and  fussy by asking me to do this and that since mum also working there. oh my privilege!

for almost a month been experiencing being a clerk, i found that it is quite a nice job but i believe that Allah knows the best! i love being teacher more!!! sometimes, you'd feel bored when you're just sitting in front of the computer, typing and doing all the clerical works.  instead, you wont be bored being a teacher as u're dealing with human being with different characteristics and needs everyday! Alhamdulillah....hope that this blissful feeling will remain forever...plus, i believe that even im going to retired someday, i'll still become a teacher or educator to my children soon..:)

~A dream come true~

salam n hye all....

It’d been a while since my last entry. Quite busy recently with my temporary work and business. yup, Alhamdulillah Stylish Outfits mendapat sambutan yang hangat walaupun baru sebulan beroperasi. Terima kasih kepada customer yang telah membeli belah secara offline or online. Harga kami tidak semahal harga penjual online yang lain kerana my mum always remind me “nanti susah nak jawab kat Akhirat nanti” Ade orang yang ambil untung berlipat kali ganda tapi kami tidak berbuat sedemikian. Kami ade bukti penjual online yang meletakkan harga yang tinggi walaupun kain jenis dan corak yang sama dengan kami jual tapi xpela kami tidak mahu menjatuhkan mana-mana perniagaan orang lain. Kami memegang konsep rezeki masing-masing. Saling menyokong antara satu sama lain…FB Stylish Outfits dengan trademark Stylish FB for Stylish Outfitters juga semakin dikenali ramai. 
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