Have u experienced married before? Yes I do. Sy dimake-up kan, dikompangkan n diarak by a group of people. But it was years ago.

sis, i was in red, world's best mum
While waiting for the arrival of tv3 crews but at last they couldn’t make it…:(

i've been married for...?
I was married to the Quran insyaALLAH eternally…pray 4 me…:)

I cherished my past, I missed my childhood, I loved the ‘old’ me more…
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  1. hanis Says:


  2. nonahamzah Says:

    kn nk bia pre je ida..ble nk majlis ny???huhuuu

  3. ieda_life Says:

    hani gedik..sory im taken already...dnt try to woo me anymore..aww..hehe..

    nona- rlex la nona..step by step la..mjlis xleh gtau skang...im waitng for urs first then i'll be d next..deal??...huhu..

  4. nonahamzah Says:

    mine??lme lae seh...tgu kakak die lepas dlu.huhuuu

  5. mas sharini Says:

    xyah gadoh2..
    aku dulu.

  6. ieda_life Says:

    ha..kn senang ade volunteer..yup2 aku dh mls nk gdo ngn nona..huhu..

    nona..mas akak2 dye smue dh kwen so dye on je ble2..kte ni kne tngu akak n abg kwen dlu kn..huhu.