~sory for the unpleasant post~

I would feel bad after scolding people..thus,don’t ever try to stimulate my anger...plz, I beg u…

And specifically to dat sis (of coz not my biological sister), I realized I was d one who first handed out a friendship hand to you..but dont act snobbishly to me coz im not a terhegeh-hegeh type of person..i also have my pride as well as my ego..dnt try to initiate and challenge me to portray my ego-self to you..since u r older than me therefore there’s a need for me to respect u..dont u realize dat's one of the etiquettes of being human..?..Mind u!!

To other readers, I know u r not pleased to read post like this but this is how I express my feeling..otherwise, I’ll go insane and throw out all my tantrums to people physically..which is better?..

dont be friends wif me if you are meant to hurt me...simple rite???..
2 Responses
  1. pinkysplash9 Says:

    nape ni ieda?
    anyway, i change my comment pnye format kt blog. u bole comment x guna my new format tuh? ke mcm complicated?

  2. ieda_life Says:

    hurm xde pape..jgn rsaw dye bkn teslian..
    hurm..i rse ok je both ways of comments..:)