venue: home
time: 6.30p.m
date: 28 june 2010

while im texting....

dad: wah..laju ida type msg...
me : *just grinned*
dad: xbole msg bnyk2..kne msg ckit2 je klu x t ckp mengarut je...
me : *speechless*

baiklah ayah..:)


twilight saga

btw, i just finished reading Eclipse (i knew u all hd finished it months ago or maybe years ago) thus im ready for the movie now!!
kudos to my lovely sis for bought me Breaking Dawn as my bufday present and i should start reading the book by now i supposed. i knew some of my friends hd finished all four. since im a slow reader that's why im always left behind...
at least im improving...:)
8 Responses
  1. h u d a Says:

    best giler ade collection nih..huuu

  2. mas sharini Says:

    i bought the twilight saga 2yers ago..
    but till now,
    i still didn't manage to finish all the fours.haha!
    im d slowest reader, i admit it. :)

  3. clumsy Says:
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  4. clumsy Says:


    as for d 'texting' thing..i'd hv grinned t0o if i were u..hehe..quite an observer jugak uncle ek..hehe

    btw,ur not a slow reader la dear..
    myb sumtims we want t0 read and understand the words and storyline better..hehe..
    gud luck wif breaking d0wn~! (:

  5. ieda_life Says:

    k.huda-at last i pun bru je ade..actlly dh lme long for them..huhu..k.huda suh la abe blnje...:)

    mas-wah 2years ago..dh lme 2..xpe sharini slow2 abiskn..bkn kte nk msuk cmpettion spe bce plg cpat dpt adiah pun kn..huhu..

    nana-my dad observer gak smtyme...n kdg2 klaka gler dye..huhu..
    yup2..i just wanted to have btter understndg while reading them..thnx 4 ur support anywy..:)

  6. clumsy Says:

    anytime dear~! hehe
    btw..cant wait t0 watch eclipse!!
    kt oversea da tyg da..huhuhuhu

  7. h u d a Says:

    hehe. akk bukan ape, takut nnt buku2 yg wajib dibace, x bace dah..hehe

  8. ieda_life Says:

    k.huda-owh sush gak 2...huhu..abis study bru bole bce la nmpknye..hehe..