~another couple~

looks alike but they are actually different from one another in term of their colour and design
one is purple+gold (no-name design) whereas the other is purple+yellow (songket design)
after struggling to complete them  and within almost 3days, i managed to give that makcik on time which is today...she wished to have these as gifts for lucky draw during her daughter's wedding ceremony this Sunday. i considered her as my regular customer for she has been ordering me the tudung saji all these while and selling them in KL.

for the sake of that mkcik, i slept at 1a.m last night in order to get them ready. highly hoped that makcik will be satisfied with my handicraft and FYI makcik, i never able to complete each in only one day and this is my first time succeeded in doing it..congrats to me...:)

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