Alai Crystal Bay ikan bakar

we had our dinner at Alai Crystal Bay last night...there were many reataurants there but as usual, we just heading to our favourite restaurant...all dis while, we'd been trying some of others there but this one is d best ever~
..there were fishing boats caught in sight next to you  as u were actually having ur meal at the river-side..and for sometime, u could see some fishermen brought variety of their catches...some of the customers i bet were waiting at the dock to look for fresh catches of the day....and my family once bought fresh fishes there..they were sweeter as the fishes never been frozen if compared to fishes that u bought at wet market.

frankly speaking, its scenery was just so-so there..dats why we were not craving for snapping picture...if u are about to go to ikan bakar restaurant with fantastic scenery, better go to Umbai Terapung i supposed...

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