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it hd been a while since i viewed this blog..this was due to charger problem thus i couldnt use my laptop for several days.thnx bro coz by using his expertise in electric and electronic, he managed to fix the charger without costing me any amount of money in order to repair it..FYI, this was the second tyme i faced  problem with the wyre that connected from adapter to the laptop..formerly,it costed me rm50 to fix it as i sent it to the nearest centre without referring to my bro first...serve you right ida!!..huhu
and the other reasons why i didnt frequently on9 was due to this:

Friendly Reminder: Yr Broadband usage is reaching the allocated 5GB/mth. Pls purchase additional volume or reduce your usage to avoid having yr speeds managed
Time: 07/06/2010 23:47:29
and a week later..................
Dear customer, you have exceeded the 5GB/mth usage (Celcom FUP). Pls purchase additional volume or we reserve the right to control yr broadband speeds. TQ
Time: 14/06/2010 14:58:34
as a consequence, my broadband speed became slower lately...it was my first time encountered such problem since my siblings are now all home for their school holidays, they LOVE to use my broadband and laptop instead of home pc due to its slower operation...hehe..

thnx God my bro hd succeeded in his first attempt of  fixing the laptop's charger..thus,i can start to share my yesterday's outing..

to begin with, as early as 10a.m., he drived me to the nearest clinic in order to do a check-up...it took us for 2 hours waitng there since there were lots of patients there..i can barely describe here the purpose of seeing the doctor and what's actually going on..we just kept it on the low..sorry for not clearly elaborated here..but dnt worry as despite all, im healthy now, alhamdulillah..

it's almost 12p.m, we managed to setlle everything thus we headed to malacca mall for a movie, Lagenda Budak Setan..its widespread promotion influenced me the most but i'd never ever tried to read its book..to my surprise,after watchig the movie,what can i say is that its storyline was just so-so..and i didnt expect it act..in all, i just love its main actor and actress who were Farid Kamil and Lisa Surihani..yup they are both favourites of mine..:)

then we had our lunch and window shopping together..and this included surveying the laptop charger which costed rm139 and for me, it's not reasonable due to not-original reason...and again, thanx bro for the fixing..save rm139..

on our way heading to the exit, he spontaneously leaded me to the karaoke booth and proudly to inform that this was my first tyme being in the karaoke booth...i sang my fvrite song which i previously shared wif u all in my former post..guess what? Baik-baik Sayang..and we winded up for only 3songs for the day since it's already 5pm...:) i was able to snap several pictures there and here they are...

ngah feeling...huhu..
i was home at about 5.30p.m and he surprised me with some souveniers from Bukit Merah Laketown Resort as he hd been there for a holiday trip wif his family last week..

sik gelak je dlm wyg tgk cte ni...funny.:)

at night, my siblings asked me to go for Kecoh Betul movie therefore i forced myself to go to the same place as it was the nearest cinema even though the feeling of tiredness bit into me last night...for the sake of my siblings and sis's treat, i dragged myself to join them..
yesterday was wednesday thus trail of movies in a day would be possible ..only RM5 each kan ..hehe...:)
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  1. pinkysplash9 Says:

    seronok nya dating2. awwww...

  2. ieda_life Says:

    mne de dating2..huhu..btw, my dad tnye nk bli shampoo bwang ktne?huhu..

  3. pinkysplash9 Says:

    i bought kt farmasi in bp. tp i pernah nampak gak kt watson ade. try la tgk.

  4. ieda_life Says:

    oic..ok2 thnx 4 d info..b4 dis i pnah gak bce blog someone sal syampu bwg ni but dye pun x mention bli ktne..thnx k..

  5. ieda_life Says:
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