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salam..hye all..
yesterday, i went to the A'Famosa Animal World Safari which is situated in malacca (beside A'famosa Water World). i just realized there are still many other places in Malacca that i never hd a chance to go..

lets talk about that safari..

Located on 150 acres of pristine surroundings, it's an amazing wildlife Safari that houses over 100 of the finest species from the animal kingdom.
  • Watch in amazement as you encounter majestic Tigers, Lions, Giraffes, Camels, Zebras, Elephants and other creatures roaming freely in the Safari.
  • Explore the magic of wildlife habitats and environment in our safari trucks.
  • Experience the animals up close; feed and pet the Rabbits, Ponies, Wallabies, Camels and other friendly animals as you stroll leisurely in the Walk Through Area.
  • Visit the Farm House and hatcheries.
  • Cruise to the Monkey Island on a raft
its operating hour is from 9.a.m to 7p.m daily. admission include the ride and the shows. the entrance fees is RM35 for adult and RM25 for children.children who  under 3 feet tall is free.yesterday i got it free but not because im below 3 feet tall ok..!!huhu..

there r also show performances at the safari park and the schedules are:
ACTIVITIES                  TIME
Multi Animals Show      10.30 am & 4.00 pm
Birds Show                   11.15 am & 3.00 pm
Elephants Show            12.00 pm & 5.00 pm
Wild Wild West Show / Cowboy Show2.00 pm

Walk-Thru Ride :
  • The Plaza & Photographic Area
  • Chicken Farm
  •  Dairy Farm
  • Farm House
  • Monkey Island
  • Elephant Ride
  • Raft Ride
 Safari Park :
  • Safari Truck Ride (9.00 am to 4.00 pm)
  • Boat Ride (10.00 am to 5.00 pm)
  • Jungle Area
  • Crocodile Pond
  • Predator Zone
F & B Outlets :
  • Buffet Lunch: RM 22.00 nett per Adult; RM 16.00 nett per Child
more info here
we just rode a truck there since it was raining cats and dogs eh just drizzling actually yesterday..some of the pictures were taken there b4 my fon's battery ws empty.huhu..

agak tkut time amik pic..tkut tetbe tiger ni terkam kt truck,,huhu..

since the safari is just situated next to the the a'famosa water world i decided to go there. i supposed my post regarding on malacca wonderland is still fresh rite? huhu..it'd been almost dozen of years since the last tyme i went there. eventhough im not feeling very well  but just grab the chance whenever people asked me to.

A'Famosa Water World
pic:encik google

lovenote :sy sngt suke jalan2...:)
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  1. hanis Says:

    wah.berjaln btl cuti ni cik ida kite yer.hehe

  2. ieda_life Says:

    ala hani dlm mlk je pun..huhu..

  3. hanis Says:

    alah berjalan jgk cik ida oiii..hehe

  4. pinkysplash9 Says:

    pergi dengan siapa? haha that's the only thing i wanna know.

  5. ieda_life Says:

    dngn kwn cik aqma oiii...huhu..