~u could never be replaced~

On weekdays, I never had a chance to spend most of my time wif the world’s best mum as she was away at work…now, it’s weekend thus im weekending on not at somewhere special but just in our kitchen. Today, we did our culinary thingy together and we totally had fun as mum who’s used to be very sporting singing her favourite song and sharing her good old days for sometimes while cooking. we ended up preparing Kari kepala ikan merah for lunch.

While people busy talking about their feeling of eagerness to start their new sem and daily counting the days , Im still struggling to stop the clock from ticking swiftly in order to complete its journey, if only I can..

it’s not because I hate UIA, it’s not because I dont miss my friends, it’s not because I hate abundance of assignments and quizzes for I knew it’s part and parcel of being student, it’s not because im tired of studying though. It’s just for a simple reason; Im afraid of missing mum and the household chores that she used to do all alone when im not around.

Mum, for this time around, im not displaying fake smile or ecstatic face,instead, im sincerely portraying my true façade…believe me...:)

Thanks for not being solely a mum but a friend. You are my best company...:)
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