~my status~

my current status:
  1. im married with 2 children named Muhammad.......and Nur.........
  2. just ignore and forget the first coz it's just a bluff..the third one is actually the first..huhu..:)
  3. im having fever+cough. when people are cold, i feel so hot and vice verse...sneaking and tiptoeing in my room to turn off the aircond while they were sleeping peacefully at night when the coldness began to touch on my skin.
  4. all my limbs are still lethargic not only me but my siblings' as well, scarred elbow of mine, all resulted from the wonderland thingy..:(
  5. struggle with the dizziness, nearly fainted and vomitted while doing household chores and culinary things thus i winded up preparing just simple tomyam for today's meal..feeling of guilty and really sorry for i knew dad dislikes tomyam..
  6. yesterday, back from JB (my sis's school)...both my adik are already in their respective hostel and now they are already missed....:(
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