~tea time~

the clock showed 5p.m...as usual, i was excitedly waiting for my families to arrive home from their 'buziness' working for hours at their respective working place for after 5 o'clock, there would be people around for me to talk to and play with....but, i wasnt just waiting blindly as i would prepare some dishes for our tea every day....

but,sorry for the bluff coz it's not really everyday....it's just for only sometimes due to this.......

sis:  Bedah...Bedah....watpe 2?...
she LOVE to call me Bedah wherever and whenever she intended to...it's not a problem for me to  answer her whenever she called me by that name when we were at home,but by the time we stepped outside or simply say we went for an outing or mall or somewhre else, i just ignored her when she called me that...i would let her calling me for several times and only respond by the time the word 'ieda' uttered from her mouth....huhu..serve you right sis!!

me: xwatpe...
but actually busy preparing fried banana and breadfruit..pisang goreng and sukun goreng la (nseb bek tidak lupe daratan lagi..huhu).btw, do u know why it's called 'bread'?...it's because it looks like bread when it's cooked (this is a fact ok..not only my silly thought)

sis: im already full la....my boss treat mcd td...



me: ida dh wat air and bla..bla..bla..

mum: mak dh kua dating ngan ayah right after blik kje td minum2....mkn roti nan, roti canai...bla..bla..bla...and mak g pasa mlm td..nie ade rojak petis, kpok lekor, taufu fa..

me: ala...spe nk mkn pisang goreng smue tu..:(

but yesterday, i got an idea..i prepared kek batik for my families for our tea..even though my parents bought durians and coconut shake for us but they were still tempted to eat mine also..:)

so ugly yet so delicious..:)

i'd found one of the googled recipes in which we need to use eggs to prepare this...do we actually need egg?...im not using it..
lovenote: if we didnt call off our tomorrow's plan, i'll bring along this tmrow k..:)

2 Responses
  1. fana Says:

    wow delicious..nyum..nyum..nyum dah lam xmakan kek batik cm gini

  2. ieda_life Says:

    ala k.ana bole wat..snang je kan..bole wat utk hubby skali..:)