~precious moment in life~

Ida….stop reading married people’s blog. One side of me forced me to click on theirs but the other side of me told me not to for I’ll be craving for getting married and having children. But I couldn’t refrain myself from doing blog walking whenever they posted new entries. It’s not because I love 18sx things since they are all married thus they are open-mindedly telling about ‘that thing’…no...u r wrong. None of them did it. They just shared bout their marriage life excluded that thing and also their baby by preggy bloggers or mom wannabe…I love reading their blogs as I gained lots of knowledge about women and babies. All these while I already knew what r the best supplements should be consumed during pregnancy for instance and what not. All about the should (s) and the shouldn’t (s) during the pregnancy period.

It’d been also tear-drop moments while reading their blog in which some of them suffering from their miscarriage experience which was very teary whereas some of them r still longing for their first child. They started to worry bout everything. Hope that u got what im trying to convey here. Pity on them... :(

And 1 more thing is that they shared their experiences of staying up late almost all nights for the first 3months which lead them to be such insomniac person. Im really touched. Thanx to my beloved parents for ur all good deeds and sacrifices in raising and treating me well whenever I got cranky when I was baby I supposed. I cant wait to step into my working life so that I can repay all…insyALLAH with Allah’s will in giving me long life and good fortune for the rest of my life.

Mum, dad, you are the world’s best parents ever. Again and again I’ll be repeating this; outside world doesn’t seem any interest to me without u both in my life...luv u..

For those akak2 bloggers especially my neighbours who r still waiting for ur first child, I’ll always pray 4 u guys..insyaALLAH ada rezeki..sy mmhami perasaan anda smua even im not married yet..

Thanx to Allah coz grant me naluri keibuan ini…very precious..:)
2 Responses
  1. k|ree Says:

    adakah saya...??hehehe..
    tq my dear cute little sister...
    bila abg mu pulak nak menjejak langkah alam baru nie...bukan sudah ada gf ka...?heeheh.

  2. ieda_life Says:

    huhu..spe mkn cili trase pdasnye..huhu..act that 3 neighbours are k.nadia,k.ana n k.arina...hehe..abg sy lmbt lg kot..ntahla dye..huhu.