~butterfly park~


this is the place where u can see lots and variety types of butterlies fly happily and freely around u..and for sometimes, some of them perch on your shoulder and even your scarf..it's a closed place if compared to other places it surrounds...and i can feel there's difference in temperature in which it's little bit cooler than the others. u can even touch and catch the butterflies but u are not allowed to bring them home...

there's also museum which preserve embalmed butterflies and other insects as well..u are not permitted to take any pictures inside here but since there were only us and no one eyeing on our action, therefore we managed to snap several which could also be considered as our souveniers..

it's a butterfly park but it's just a name as there are many types of animals there including this bird..im not sure its name...but i found it's unique as it could make 'sweet' sound..its sound like a guy who's wooing a gurl 'weeeewitttt'..huhu...it can speak several words for instance good bye, good morning, good evening and so forth as well but it's common rite..the wooing sound impressed me the most...and FYI, it would only produce the sound whenever people or to be specific, gurl and boy who passed through it in couple...im not sure either it was trying to woo me or him or maybe it had been trained by its guardian to produce the sound whenever it saw couples..it proved as it just be silent when a group of students passed by but by the time we passed through its cage, it started to 'sweet' us and we just smiled sheepishly..huhu..

love bird
having a glance at their name made me wondering why do they're called love bird...after eyeing on them for several times i knew the reason then..its due to their kissie2 habit most of the time...u would see quite a number of them in the cage but they were perching on the branches in pairs giving passionate kiss to their partner.huhu..

looks like grizzled hair

the otter
very pathethic,look at its hand..it's longing for food..

there r not just butterflies there instead,  it's like a zoo rite? berbaloi2..:)
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