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salam n hye all...

sudah berhari-hari ada niat untuk menulis tapi masa sangat mencemburui aku. semenjak dah bekerjaya ini memang balik umah je xde mood nak on laptop. balik umah mandi, solat, makan tgk tb n tido.memang dah jadi routine harianku for these past 9days. yup i already worked for 9 days n next two weeks or naik cuti sekolah ni i planned untuk tidak bekerja. i have strong reasons for it!

almost 2 months i've been umemployed..hurm i mean unemployed sebab x dapat kerja yang sepatutnya, yang parallel to my qualification as a teacher. kawan aku cakap skang ni kitorang bukan menganggur tapi memang status kitorang sedang bercuti sementara tunggu posting n maybe sampai bulan 7...so, i decided to look for a job. actually i was not really looking for a job but the job was coming to me!! haha...thus, i've been a cashier for 9 days..

actually my sis once being a clerk as her part time job there years ago. and the manager called her asking for anyone who's free and looking for a job. so my sis reached me and explained to me regarding the wages, working hours and everything that related to the job. so, on the same day, i called the manager and he asked me to go for a short interview that evening. and the next day he asked me to start my job.

for the first 5 days, i could still stand with the work as during the interview he told me that i could get one day leave per week. several days after that, the manager told me that cuti dibekukan coz xcukup orang bekerja.
i started to grumble about everything to my mum and dad and even the whole families. coz of xde cuti, i missed sending my lil sis for her pre-medic course, and if i continued working there, i couldnt attend my paklang's kenduri for umrah this Saturday and couldnt be able to send my lil bro to his hostel this Sunday. you need to work everyday and no oliday at all!!! and this is the first strong reason why i felt like quitting this Friday.

apart from that, the manager is actually the cashier as well as the pump attendant. he need to hold 3 positions simultaneously due to limited number of staff there. i know he is exhausted everyday compared to me who's just being a cashier. he's a hot-tempered man. sometimes sbbkan die marahkan orang lain dengan kita sekali kena marah...and this is my second reason why i wished to quit soon.

the third reason is i dah malas nak keje...haha...

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  1. Ummi Salha Says:

    [ummi]; marilah join geng cuti2 malaysia bersam2 kte..

  2. iedasyahidah Says:

    will do...huhu...tapi tkut bosan plak mcm dlu...haish..