...im a freshie here...so do welcome me 2 d blogger's world...huhu...actually d world of blogging is not new 2 me for i already hve friendster's blog account...being a not-so-active friendster blogger for bout 4 years i supposed cud gve me at least some experiences b4 im creating this blogspot....smtyme i feel like there's nothing 2 tell, talk, share n write bout therefore i ended up to leave my blog silent for bout months...n 1 mre thing i will be into blogging if i feel really bored...FYI, smtyme i cried coz of boredom (do blieve me)n im hoping dat by creating dis blog not just creating but do smthing wif it will refrain myself from being such a child longing for an ice-cream..it's really embrassing rite??huhu ..
previously, act,there r lots of thing dat can b written but for me posting smthng dat may contribute 2 people's boredom is useless n waste of tyme....dats my thought...
but for dis time round im goin' 2 post anythng dat crossed my mind as this is MY blog..so i cn do as wat i intend 2...hehe..so, fr those who feel dat my blog cn mke u fall asleep, just go strolling around 2 d other blogs k...no offense!!
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