~ayam goreng halia~

due to overpowering feeling of fed up as rotating the same 5 recipes in a week, dragged me to google other recipes in order to try the new one so that i wouldn't feel bored in preparing the same dishes every week. i'd found a very very simple recipe and by using my expertise in culinary (ceh), i changed a little bit here and there...these include the substitution of some ingredients and the way it was prepared......

thus its fruit is.........................

Ayam Goreng Halia

looks like rendang rite?

2 Responses
  1. mas sharini Says:

    apsal ayam halia aku lain???

  2. ieda_life Says:

    huhu..act klu ikut recipe yg ak amek from intrnet mmg len..wne pun len...my first attempt doing it cm pudar ckit wne dye..pas2 ak sje ubah2 ckit ingredients n their quantity..dats y jd cmni..huhu..