~golden eyes~

hye...now im going 2 share some products dat i used and am using in order 2 get beautiful eyes (im not telling u dat my eyes r beautiful)...huhu..
being a student, we r indisputably burdened wif workload as we ought to complete lots of assignments plus discussions,quizes, exams n so forth...staying up late at night is normal n can b considered as our routine...all these resulted in eye bags, dark circles n what not..d same goes 2 me... after staying up n smtymes didnt sleep 4 just only one night, those would start developing around my eye contour area..

all dis while i hardly find product dat suits me most as there r lots of brands out there that makes me dizzy to choose which is d best...n d most importnt is d price should be affordable and reasonable..eventhough i got allowance evry month doesnt mean dat i can freely buy anything dat i wish 2..dats not me..

hurm..actually i hardly got eye bags but dark circles r such a good company of my eyes..huh..tired of this..!!
thus, previously, i used this for my eyes..

Safi Rania Eye Contour Cream

enriched with DwiNutrix
 (a combination of Age, Defying & Whitening Nutrients)

does it work with my eyes?yup...definitely...but curently i deliberately try another brand which is Garnier..

Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On

for this one it is roll-on so u neednt have 2 massage ur eye by using ur hand..just roll it around ur eye contour n go to bed then...:)

im still using this n it seemd works wif my both beautiful eyes..huhu..
but my prob is im not using it daily as i always frget about it...since there r lots of other thngs to put on my face thus i ended up to leave this behind...lets imagine.. after using cleanser, u r definitely encourged 2 use toner rite? in order to refrain urselves from having big pores..then 'bedak sejuk'...smtymes i put on Oxy Acne-Pimple medication whenever i trace any pimples on my face...see..lots of cream to put on.!!
..the worst is i fall asleep without using any and not washing my face bfore going to bed....huh..bad habit!! but it just happened when i felt so exhausted till didnt realise that i hd fallen asleep...so,ida..u r forgiven...hehe..

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  1. pinkysplash9 Says:

    yeayy ieda. welcome to blogosphere.
    hehe. ohh no wonder ur eyes is so beautiful ;p

  2. ieda_life Says:

    yup..thnx 4 d greetng..huhu..
    eh no la..just d ordnary ones..:)