~peace and calm~

salam n hye all...

happy wednesday all!!...mood sangat okay since petang semalam till this morning..hope this current mood can be lasting for the next remaining hours before going back to the hostel....hostel? yup, im currently at home and that explains my happy feeling and good mood. tgkla ptg nanti balik hostel terus tak happy...kalau hostel macam UIA xpela....ada meja besar dan panjang yang amat selesa untuk study....room yang sangat privacy in which we can do whatever we want. we can switch on the light without having to feel afraid of distracting people who were sleeping soundly. you can tear your oreo packaging, sing your fav song loudly and maybe dance in your own room without worried of people eyeing on you. since the room is quite far from the corridor, you wont be awakened by the cleaner's voice shouting at their friends as well as wont be distracted by them dragging the garbage and the dustbins. yup, im easily awakened by sounds especially people's phone alarm unless im very very very tired.

and now im home...there's no need for me to worry about all these...there's only me and my younger sis as she's on her sem break and we share the same attributes. we are morning person. we woke up at almost the same time for performing our Subuh prayer. so there's no such thing of distracting one another. then, she loves to read books in the morning so there's no problem for me to switch on the light while doing revision.

what more, like last night, when i felt a lil bit tense of revising, i sat right in front of the TV and enjoyed my fav drama and other TV programme especially programmes that provide ample hilarious jokes which made me at least carving a smile while making overflowing notes. Johan (raja lawak) is my fav joker. never failed to make me laughing in every 2 minutes i guess. sometimes, by just looking at his face can make me smile without having him to utter a single word...last night, he was in Serasi Bersama...:)

i think that's enough for today....jom study...before study bersihkan diri dulu dengan solat taubat, banyakkan  zikrullah dan membaca Al-quran untuk buang titik-titik hitam di hati supaya senang untuk menimba ilmu...(a reminder to myself too)...till then~
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