~ the sweetness of being a teacher ~

salam n hye all....:)

hmm..sudah lame rasenye tak bersiaran di dapur. while waiting for ikan siakap digoreng marilah kita berblogging.yup.. im on my way to prepare ikan siakap 3 rasa. really hope that it'll turn up the real siakap 3 rasa instead of ikan siakap masak sambal!

anyway, dear, do you remember that we'd been texting about the sweet2 thingy for these past two days? it begun with the girl who's your office mate, then continued by you're all sweetness dropping some desserts at my place for me and my lil sis to break our fast yesterday? im sure you still remember that!

but, that particular thing happened last night turned me sooo crazy and you even knew it. i knew i shouldn't be like that since yesterday was our monthyversary. haha

what ever it's, i would like to tell you that i also experienced 'sweetness' with my pupils which you wouldnt have a chance to experience it unless you'll become a teacher or educator someday. do you know that almost everyday i got messages and calls from my pupils telling me how much they missed me? do you know since i have my pupils that you're not the first person wishing me on my birthday or teacher's day anymore? even though you're telling me that it's not considered as a wish since they wished me one day earlier before the special days namely birthday and teacher's day. have you noticed that some of them forcing me to come back to their school on Teacher's day as they wished to give me presents?
i already received enough 'sweetness' from my pupils!

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