~reminiscing the memories~

                 Finally, I already completed my 12 weeks of my practicum. Time flies too fast for me to catch as I could not believe that I had already finished my schooling. However, I always remind myself that completing or finishing my 6 years studies does not mean that it will be the end of my studies. I have to always improve myself from time to time as I realized that learning process never has an end. This is because; we learn new things everyday in life as we experience and face new situations, places and people. Learning is a never-ending process as a saying goes “The more we learn, the more we do not know”.
            On my last week in Sk. Sg. Petai, I got four invitations for farewell parties which one was an invitation from the school administration together with the teachers, and the others was from the classes that I taught. I felt so blessed for being appreciated by the school and the pupils. To my surprise, some of the classes organized my farewell party themselves without involving the teachers. I believed that they planned the party well as I could see the event went smoothly. I really impressed with their hard work and cooperation as they were working together from the beginning until the end of the event. I enjoyed the event very much as once I stepped into the class, the pupils started to burst the balloons that were hung on every corner of the class and the front door. In less than a minute, my attire already became almost all white as the balloons burst powder. It was better powder instead of flour as it smelled good right? huhu. I got a lot of gifts from the pupils and I did also give a souvenir of a cartoon cover notebooks with my sign and wishes inside to each of them.

             On Friday, after we recited our Yassin, suddenly, the Headmaster called out me and my partner for giving a speech since it was our last day in school. Even though I did not prepare and ready for giving a speech, I did not feel nervous. I was the first person who came to the stage and confidently started my speech like I was ready for it. I started my opening speech by greeting the headmaster and the senior assistant teachers and suddenly, I could feel my tears streaming down my face. I could not believe that I had burst into tears! I tried to stop them from running as I tried to shed them off but failed. Then, I passed the microphone to the teacher on duty, hurriedly went to the back of the stage area and continued crying. I felt so sad and at the same time quite ashamed of acting like that.

it'd been almost a month since i left the school but still, i got texts and calls from them.
i miss them so much that's why i posted this entry

 NeverthelessI had been gone through the hectic yet enjoyable 12 weeks of practicum. Since the first week, I had learnt a lot of new things in teaching. To illustrate, I had learnt on how different teaching and learning style, meaningful and suitable teaching aids that could affect pupils’ learning, different teaching style and aids should suit with different level of pupils, how to handle pupils’ behaviour in class during individual or group work, how to approach the pupils with special needs and many more. I hope that I could apply the knowledge and experiences that I had gained throughout my practicum to my teaching years soon.

till then..:)

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