~ mask rider ~

salam readers!

i should be sleeping right now but i couldnt...bcoz of im wearing mask thus i need 2 wait for anthr 15min b4 enjying my dreamland.haha.

i already skipped this routine fr 2 weeks due to availablty of d mask..so,i dcided 2 grab other brand instead of d usual one..and dis is my frst tyme using d one with ear hook..reason being is dat when we place ear hook over ear,d stretch mask will be in full cntct with d skin!

owh look at d title..seems familliar huh?im not a rider but im a drver as i just have drving license..haha..it should be mask driver right?

ok it's time to remove the mask.othrwise,i wll be getting pimples tmrow..nytez...;) till then..
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