~ DIY home decor ~

salam readers!

im already lying on bed evn though it's only 10pm.i feel quite sleepy today due to overeating! haha..sdg berusaha menggemokkn bdn..Ya Allah,plz grant me my ideal weight.Ameen..

ok back to d topic.yar..recently,ive been busy doin DIY thingy..first, as usual d hantaran n scnd is d room makeover.if u cn still rmember my prvious prvious prviouusss post which i was so xcited to make up my room..but i just realized after syawal.sm1 said y did u do all dat? r u geet married that soon?nope..i just love anythng dat rlated to home decor specifically my room wic i spent most of my time at during nite..so,d room alrdy turned pink so it's time to decorate it..since i partly love DIY thingy to cut d cost (main reason) n my own satisfaction,ive plannd to trnsform d two picture frames in my room into white frames.thus,i just used d remaining white paint dat i used for coating earlier..so here they go!

actly d original colours were blue n red.
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