~di pagi syawal~

salam everyone..
first of all, i'll let you know that i owe my dear blog an apology for not updating any posts. as usual, a gazillion things to be done particularly mr. assignment which mostly should be submitted on the same date.
for this entry, i just wish to show you my pictures of eid 2010. im not in d mood of writing unimportant things right now(ceh) not because of the hormon changes but due to loss of words and ideas while writing this entry. all have been extensively used and solely poured on my asignments.(ceh2)...


owh pic di sblah kanan blog tu bole ditukar

busana muslimah...huhu..

queue  mendapatkan duit raya..hehe

kami gembira dpt duit raye..huhu
2 Responses
  1. ar3ya_suraya Says:

    kim slm kat abg ek ida...
    =) haha.. (gatai)

  2. ieda_life Says:

    insyaAllah..hehe..jmput dtg umah..huhu..